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Breaking News — Java To Close

Java — which gave downtown a needed shot of joe — is leaving its funky Church Lane spot.

Its last day of operation is December 31 — less than a year after it arrived.

Java helped rejuvenate the Church Lane neighborhood.

Java helped rejuvenate the Church Lane neighborhood.

But fear not. SoNo Baking Company is moving in.


A Java manager — who declined to give his name — said this morning that employees learned on Monday they’ll move to a new location.

He’s not sure where it is, or when. But he said that SoNo Baking will replace Java in February.

SoNo Baking CompanyThat was news to 2 SoNo employees — one in the Westport store at AJ’s Farm Stand, the other at South Norwalk headquarters.

They put me in touch with SoNo Baking Company & Cafe owner John Barricelli.

“That’s a big rumor going around,” he said. “It’s very preliminary. Where did you hear that?”

From the Java manager, I said.

“Well, it’s probably going to happen,” John elaborated. “But until the leases are signed, nothing’s definite.”

Stay tuned. If we hear more about why Java is closing, where it’s going or if SoNo Baking is definitely moving in, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, that news ought to wake you up.

Everyone Lift! Kemper-Gunn House Move Set For Tuesday

It’s not the Saugatuck Congregational Church move. But it should be pretty cool anyway.

In 1950, the church — sanctuary, bell tower, hymnals and all — was moved from its longtime location near Baron’s South (the site today of a gas station) across the Post Road (then called State Street) to its current spot on the corner of Myrtle Avenue (where it now looks like it’s been all along).

How do you move a church? In 1950, this way.

How do you move a church? In 1950, this way.

The move — accomplished thanks to a series of logs — took 10 hours. Life Magazine spotlighted the event. (It was a slow news week.)

This Tuesday (starting at 6:30 a.m.), the much smaller Kemper-Gunn House makes a much shorter trip. The 1890-era building will be wheeled — or in some other way conveyed — across Elm Street. Its new home is the Baldwin parking lot.

An artist's rendering of the Kemper-Gunn House, after it is moved to the Baldwin parking lot.

An artist’s rendering of the Kemper-Gunn House, after it settles in at the Baldwin parking lot.

Lost in the mists of history is what those mid-20th-century Westporters did while watching the church make its verrrry slooooow trip down Route 1.

But we do know what will happen Tuesday. Java — the 1-year-old coffee shop across Church Lane from Kemper-Gunn —  will hand out free coffee and baked goods (courtesy of the Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce).

Pray for good weather.

No Joe

Earlier this fall, the downtown Starbucks closed for more than a week of renovations.

Today they’re closed again. A fire extinguisher blew last night, damaging the newly redesigned interior.

Starbucks interior

They hope to reopen this weekend.

Meanwhile, there’s always Java.

Java Truly “Open” For Business

Earlier this week, Java — the popular new downtown coffee shop — added a few tables and chairs to its Church Lane patio.

This morning it threw its front windows — who knew they were actually doors? — wide open.

Java doors

Spring arrives in Westport in many ways.

Today it came in a warm Bowl of Soul.


Java Heats Up Downtown

Not to be outdone by the recent Saugatuck Center redevelopment, downtown is perking up too.

Freshii — offering healthy salads, wraps, burritos and rice bowls — just opened next to Starbucks, in the Parker Harding lot.

And Starbucks itself will soon face competition. Java Coffee & Cafe — offering the “highest quality, custom roasted free trade and/or certified organic” joe;  all-natural loose leaf teas and tisanes; a breakfast menu (with 9 varieties of muffins!) and lunches like salads — is taking shape on Church Lane.

Java Coffee & Cafe (Photo/PJ Vellotti)

Java Coffee & Cafe (Photo/JP Vellotti)

The same crew that turned the nearby dilapidated Sherwood house into the handsome Spotted Horse restaurant has transformed the drab-looking Wild Pear restaurant (and before that, Chef’s Table).

Gone are the front steps, and narrow entry. Plentiful windows promise people-watching, which has made Spotted Horse so popular. The entire facade is warm, inviting — and fits so handsomely with the rest of the street.

Java’s motto is “Wake Up and Live.” When it opens soon, it will wake up its own little corner of downtown.


Not to get all East Coast-centric, but very few things start out in Idaho and migrate to Westport.

Java  is out to change that.

That’s the name of a small coffeeshop/cafe chain. There are 2 locations in Boise, 1 each in Twin Falls, Hailey and Ketchum.

JavaBy Labor Day — hopscotching over the Rockies, Chicago, DC and New York — Java will open its 6th outpost right here in Westport.

The spot is 44 Church Lane. Java replaces Wild Pear, which took over from Chef’s Table. One change already announced may help avoid the fates of those 2 places: The entrance will be at street level, not up a flight of steps.

Breakfast includes “Hippie” and “Macho” burritos. The lunch menu will offer salads, something not on the table in Idaho. They’re more into potatoes.

Baked goods — made from scratch — feature 9 varieties of muffins (including raspberry/chocolate chip low-fat sour cream), 8 scones (orange-honey walnut and bacon maple sound great!), and 4 breads.

The coffee is “highest quality, custom roasted free trade and/or certified organic.” Java also sells “all natural loose leaf teas and tisanes.”

Java should be a welcome addition to downtown. Right now, the only real coffee place there is a ginormous chain that started in a state bordering Idaho.

Java’s website will give you a clue to its vibe — and its music.

Though instead of Humble Pie’s “Black Coffee,” I would have preferred a little Al Hirt.

(If your browser does not take you directly to YouTube, click here.)