Breaking News — Java To Close

Java — which gave downtown a needed shot of joe — is leaving its funky Church Lane spot.

Its last day of operation is December 31 — less than a year after it arrived.

Java helped rejuvenate the Church Lane neighborhood.

Java helped rejuvenate the Church Lane neighborhood.

But fear not. SoNo Baking Company is moving in.


A Java manager — who declined to give his name — said this morning that employees learned on Monday they’ll move to a new location.

He’s not sure where it is, or when. But he said that SoNo Baking will replace Java in February.

SoNo Baking CompanyThat was news to 2 SoNo employees — one in the Westport store at AJ’s Farm Stand, the other at South Norwalk headquarters.

They put me in touch with SoNo Baking Company & Cafe owner John Barricelli.

“That’s a big rumor going around,” he said. “It’s very preliminary. Where did you hear that?”

From the Java manager, I said.

“Well, it’s probably going to happen,” John elaborated. “But until the leases are signed, nothing’s definite.”

Stay tuned. If we hear more about why Java is closing, where it’s going or if SoNo Baking is definitely moving in, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, that news ought to wake you up.

11 responses to “Breaking News — Java To Close

  1. Sorry to see it go!

  2. Leases are signed. We are disappointed that Java was not able to succeed. They tried hard but the process put in place by the operating partner from Idaho did not translate to the westport market.

    We are very pleased that Sono Bakery will be taking over the space. Although similar in many ways to the Java operation, Sono bakery and John BARRICELLI have a far more established name and business princess. He will be closed in January to make minor changes in lay out, menus and merchandising and them open February to the public.

    Out with the old and in with the new.

    • Thanks, David. SoNo Bakery will be a great spot for many Westporters — and they’ll be joined by a new crowd of construction workers, who will soon be transforming that area into something great.

    • David. Congrats on getting Soni to Westport. Sorry to see Java go.

  3. Amazing! It seemed on the surface that this was a very successful business.

  4. Laurie Goldberg

    Sorry to hear that the Java crew was unable to make a go of it, but DELIGHTED to hear that SoNo will be moving in.

  5. Michelle Benner

    Wishing both businesses well and glad to know there will still be a coffee cafe in that spot! 🙂

  6. it was a great place it was great downtown the mangers and daivd waldman for bringing it here and todd from idhao

  7. Thanks Dan for always getting the scoop on comings and goings in town! But as Java has been one of my family’s favorite places in town (and we can walk there!) we need you to tell is where it is moving! Fingers crossed that it stays somewhere walkable!

  8. Valerie Smith-Malin

    I’m so sorry to see Java go. We really enjoyed the vibe. Hopefully it will indeed remain in town. Please do keep us posted!

  9. Java had great food, vibe and coffee but awful service. So many times we gave up waiting in line as there would be one lonely cashier taking forever to ring up and service guests.