Grilled Cheese Eatery Bites The Dust

Java lasted 11 months in Westport.

The Grilled Cheese Eatery wasn’t even here that long.

The restaurant — which never quite figured out whether it was a kids’ spot or upscale, or eat-in or takeout — has been replaced by a large “For Lease” sign.

Grilled Cheese Eatery

“Prime Retail” is optimistic. It’s a tough spot: Minimal parking, in a small strip mall, on a 1-way section of the Post Road.

Even the very popular Great Cakes next door had a tough go.

On the other hand, there seems to be an endless supply of nail salons ready to file in to any open space.

13 responses to “Grilled Cheese Eatery Bites The Dust

  1. clarinda higgins

    I took my husband there this past Tuesday for what was supposed to be his Birthday lunch and, poof, it was gone! We called the Fairfield one and the message was that it was a nonworking number. I thought of reporting this to you, Dan, but I thought perhaps you had already covered it amongst all the other and many closings.

  2. Francine Radford

    “ready to file in” — tee hee.

  3. Talking about Great Cakes I stopped to see Rick this morning to wish him a happy holiday. He is doing great. He now has 5 employees at Peter’s and as he told me, making more money than ever. And no more stress. He also said his daughter got engaged. He is sooo happy.

    My employees were also happy-brought in many of his goodies.

    What a great story

  4. Everyone thought the current Rizzutos in Saugatuck was a bad location too, because a number of places came and went before Rizzuto’s made a success of it. I think the recent closings are the result of rents so high that only chains, with their economies of scale, can afford them. Fairfield seems to be a different story, and I for one, think shopping/restaurant scene there is a whole lot more fun than Westport’s at this point. But I guess today’s Westport wants the shopping mall experience, and that’s what they get.

  5. Bart, I go to Peter’s Weston Market every other day, and had no idea the Great Cakes guy was there. (I just looked up the story in an old 06880 posting.) Great to hear he’s doing well by word-of-mouth, but it can’t hurt to advertise…maybe even just a few signs in the store. There isn’t even any clear merchandising of baked goods in the store. They’re spread out over a bunch of different shelves.

  6. Barbara Railton-Jones

    My friend and I went to the Grilled Cheese Eatery for the first (and last and only!) time a couple of weeks ago. They were out of a major sandwich ingredient, the staff was apathetic and the food was dreadful. Good riddance. I’m sure a better choice will move in.

  7. Shannon Nordlinger

    99% of Rick and Bonnie’s baked goods are in the glass case to the left of the deli counter. The cookies and the challah bread are right in front of that case and his pies and cold items are on the refrigerated shelving right by the deli counter. Can’t miss them! All very close together. Having all their amazing baked goods just down the road has been a blessing and a curse!

  8. The consumer will always makenthendecusion who wins and who losses.

  9. We are. Town of high expectations! We are tough customers and customer service and a cohesive menu defines the experience because consistency wins the ballgame every time!

  10. The Grilled Cheese Eatery in Fairfield was great. The food was delicious, especially the meatballs. We even ordered catering from them for a party last holiday season – a total hit! I was surprised when they took on the second location. Perhaps too much too soon.

  11. I can understand why they closed. I had lunch there once, and found the food totally mediocre. And, of course, the menu was very limited.