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Pic Of The Day #2399

Levitt Pavilion, from Grace Salmon Park (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Pic Of The Day #2392

Fall foliage and Saugatuck rowers, from Riverside Park (Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

Pic Of The Day #2388

Fall foliage in fog — from the Riverside Avenue Saugatuck River walkway (Photo/Nicole Ryan)

Pic Of The Day #2382

Autumn on Richard Drive, off Mayflower Parkway (Photo/Amy Schneider)

Pic Of The Day #2379

Spectacular Staples High School fall foliage — main entrance (Photo/Dayle Brownstein)

Pic Of The Day #2378

Fall foliage at the Compo Beach playground (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Pic Of The Day #2041

Longshore leaves (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Pic Of The Day #2016

Wet morning today at Winslow Park (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Pics Of The Day #2008

Reflections on the lake at Mayflower Parkway at Richard Drive … (Photo/Amy Schneider)

… and Nash’s Pond (Photo/Linda Stern)

This Is Why We Live Here

The past couple of weeks have been spectacular.* This has been one of the most astonishing, longest-lasting autumns I can recall. Every day brings new beauty.

Soon, of course, all the leaves will be underfoot. That’s the way it happens. Trees will be bare, and before we know it the snow will fly.

Before that happens, here’s a special gallery: Fall in Westport and Weston, 2021.

Bookmark this page. You’ll want to see it in mid-February, 2022.

*Not counting yesterday afternoon.

Devil’s Den (Photo/Claudia Sherwood Servidio)

Whitney Street (Molly Alger)

Japanese maples, outside Jerry Kuyper’s office on Rayfield Road. (Photo/Jerry Kuyper)

Longshore (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Iris Lane, Greens Farms (Elena Nasereddin)

Joann Circle (Photo/Celia Campbell-Mohn)

Mayflower Parkway (Photo/Amy Schneider)

Finally, a rare fall rainbow over Dogwood Lane, yesterday. (Photo/Eric Roth)