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One ‘4’ The Record Books: The Sequel

Yesterday morning, I posted a photo of an exceptionally entitled driver. He (or she) took up not 2 or 3, but 4 (!) spaces in the Trader Joe’s lot.

A couple of hours later, alert “06880” reader Mark Ames spotted this guy (or gal) doing the same:

I’m not sure if he (or she) was inspired by the other guy (or gal). Perhaps there’s just a new epidemic of snag-as-many-spots-as-you-can parking maneuvers.

I should mention: This was not in the Trader Joe’s lot.

It was across the street — behind CVS.

Close enough.

Proof That There Really Aren’t Enough Parking Spaces At Compo

Yesterday evening, this was the scene at the Compo Beach boat launch:

With the BMW parked right — a foot or two next to the very clear “No Parking” sign — there’s no telling how many boaters were inconvenienced.

But hey. That’s their problem, right?


Today’s Trader Joe’s Stupid Parking Trick

(Photo/Howard Silver)

Trader Joe's 2

(Photo/Barbara Jay)


There Were 3 Empty Spaces At Starbucks. Then This Guy Grabbed ‘Em.

Because Getting That Frappuccino NOW Is So Much More Important Than Blocking 3 Cars, Plus Everyone Else Behind You

Yes, she parked here — right in the middle of the Starbucks lot — this morning.

Yes, she went inside.

No, she did  not care who she inconvenienced.

(Photo/Bart Shuldman)


We Have A Very High Bar For Entitled Parking Photos. This Person Surpassed It.

Alert “06880” reader — and downtown employee — Susan Shuldman parked in the Baldwin lot today.

When she returned to her car, she saw this:

Her car is the dark blue one in the center, parked in the yellow spot, facing a similarly legally parked silver vehicle.

And there — 4 inches from Susan’s rear bumper — is another car.

Smack in the middle of the parking lot.

Susan called the police. When the officer arrived, he noticed that the illegally parked car was unlocked. The keys were in the console.

The cop moved the car into a vacant spot. Susan — finally — was on her way.

So this was not somebody who dashed into Serena & Lily to pick up a quick bedroom set or whatever. He (or she) was there for quite a while.

“I guess the driver thought they were being considerate by leaving the keys!” Susan says magnanimously.

I would add something here.

But there are no words.

It’s Raining. There’s A Lot Of Traffic. So I’ll Just Park Here …

… and I won’t even do it close, or straight.

(Photo/Matt Murray)

(Photo/Matt Murray)

Because On A Beautiful Fall Day, It’s Important To Park As Close To The Nail Salon As Possible

An alert — and irate — “06880” reader writes:

Here is a photo I took in the Barnes & Noble parking lot.


No, that is  not a handicapped permit hanging from the Jeep’s rear view mirror — it’s just a parking permit for somewhere.

I saw the woman park there, in the middle of the busy entrance. She was about 35 years old. She walked over to the nail salon. There were plenty of spots a few rows down.

I watched appalled with my 2 boys in tow (10 and 5). I drove to a parking spot not far away. I got out of my car, walked over to hers and took the photo.

This was a teachable moment for my kids. I explained the difference between doing the right thing, and breaking the law for your own convenience!

Why Take 1 Parking Space, When You Can Have 3?

Or, for that matter, why follow the directions on the sign — “Back in” — when you can just pull in horizontally?

Transfer station

And, to forestall any questions: Yes, the transfer station was busy. Every parking spot on both sides of the Beamer were taken.

Don’t Park Here! (Both Sides Now)

Just when you thought we’d reached the top of the entitled parking behavior bar, someone raises it.

Here was the scene yesterday, at Westfair Center:

Parking - Range Rover Westfair Center

Yes, that’s a “courtesy vehicle” from Land Rover Milford. And no, there’s no one in it.

Please don’t tell me the driver had an “emergency” hair appointment or tailoring crisis.

On the other hand, we’re not always considerate of drivers either.

A former Westporter — visiting for the weekend — parked well, in the narrow Playhouse Square spots yesterday.

When she finished lunch at Organic Market, she found this note on her car:

Parking note

She felt “saddened,” she said.

And presumably not because she actually has New Jersey plates.