Roundup: Entitled Parkers, Rainbow, Punk …


I’m not sure what was in the air (or water) yesterday. But three — three! — readers sent examples of jaw-droppingly, spectacularly self-centered entitled parking jobs.

In 3 different parking lots.

Occasionally, photos like these bring out apologists. “The parking brake must have failed, and it rolled backward!” people will say.

Or, “Maybe it was a medical emergency!”

Judging by where these folks “parked” — no.

They are just drivers who can’t be bothered to read signs, follow rules, or think about anyone other than themselves.

Don’t be That Guy.

This is an actual parked car in the Parker Harding lot. No one could squeeze by. Entire lines of cars had to back up, for a looooong time. The car was eventually towed. (Photo/Miggs Burroughs)

This driver took up a clearly marked handicap-adjacent zone, yet pulled in crookedly and not fully, blocking everyone trying to pass in the narrow lane behind him.  (Yes, it was a male.) (Photo/Rob Campignino)

No, this driver was not pulling out of the upper Westport Library lot. This was a parked car, with no driver in sight. Again, for quite a while. (Photo/David Sampson)


Fortunately, entitled parkers were not all that “06880” readers spotted downtown yesterday.

Johanna Rossi captured this gorgeous rainbow over the Westport Library.

(Photo/Johanna Rossi)

Hey! Maybe all those drivers saw it too. And just stopped their cars wherever, and wandered away for a better view….


Lynsey Addario — the 1991 Staples High School graduate whose New Your Times photos from Ukraine have impacted the world — was the Friday night guest on “Firing Line.”

Click here to see Margaret Hoover’s riveting interview with the Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist. (Hat tip: Debbie Zucker)

Screenshot of Lynsey Addario from “Firing Line.”


A large crowd of punks — and art lovers — filled MoCA Westport’s galleries last night.

“Punk is Coming” had its grand opening. The diverse group exhibition features over 50 photographers, filmmakers and artists whose work defined the punk era in 1970’s New York, London, Los Angeles and other cities. There are never-before-seen videos and photographs,, art created by the era’s musicians, and contemporary works heavily influenced by the movement.

Free supporting programming, featuring those central to the punk movement (like the original video jockey!) take place on Thursday evenings. Click here to learn more.

The show runs through June 5.

MoCA’s “Punk is Coming” exhibit. (Photo/Leslie LaSala)


Today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo features a fox. Bob Weingarten apologies for not getting a full side-on view. But it’s still a fine-looking creature.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)


And finally … I missed this yesterday. But on March 26, 1830 the Book of Mormon was published in Palmyra, New York.

13 responses to “Roundup: Entitled Parkers, Rainbow, Punk …

  1. Celeste Champagne

    Saw the Lynsey Addario interview and was blown away by this remarkable photojournalist, woman, and mother. Maybe the Westport Library would be lucky enough to secure an interview and promote one of her books. Her Westport roots are probably long left behind, but she is a product of Staples.

    • Lynsey has many ties to Westport still. Her mother and father still live here. She has many friends who remain. The Westport Library honored her as its Booked for the Evening celebrant a few years ago. And right now there is a great exhibition of her work — part of her gift of photos of Afghan women to the Westport Permanent Art Collections — hanging just inside the Library entrance.

  2. Are those “entitled” parkers or just REALLY bad drivers?

  3. You can do as many stories as you want about Lauren, Lynsey, Lisa and Lesley Addario. But I think every one of them should have a link to Louise Bonito’s meme.

  4. Peter Gambaccin i

    The musical “Book of Mormon” is the worst thing
    I’ve ever seen on the stage. Truly without a moment of wit.

  5. Janine Scotti

    Sorry to say, but it looks like a sign of some dementia with the cars who didn’t pull in at all. It doesn’t make sense otherwise. I have a loved on with Dementia

  6. Gloria Gouveia

    Evan Stein,

    Thanks so much for connecting the Addario sisters with relative Louise Bonito’s memorable birthday cake candle blow out.

    Every member of the Addario/Bonito family deserves at least 15 minutes of fame.

    Much love to all,

    Gloria Gouveia

  7. Dermot Meuchner

    MOCA should be ashamed of themselves for banning the curator who put the punk retrospective together. It’s absolutely shameful how they treat artists. I won’t step foot in that place. By the way the artists name is Roberta Bayley.

    • MOCA banned Roberta Bayley? Did they Ban her work? I can not find any information on this. Would love to understand your point.

  8. Is that fox carrying a dead something??

  9. Bob Weingarten

    The fox was carrying a squirrel in its mouth. I tried to take that photo but the fox didn’t want to pose.

  10. Richard Martino

    Vet tech that I am, that sure does look like a cat paw and cat ears on either side of the fox’s mouth. Please keep your cats indoors !