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Roundup: Lynsey Addario, Bobcat, Dead Fish …


On Friday, “06880” proudly posted a photo by Pulitzer Prize-winner (and Staples High School graduate) Lynsey Addario. Showing misery in South Sudan, it was one of the New York Times’ top photos of 2021.

Yesterday, another of her images — from a different continent — was featured. By another prestigious publication

National Geographic gave star treatment — and a lengthy explanation — to this shot.

Lynsey sure gets around. And she continues to make her hometown proud. (Hat tip: Chuck Greenlee)


Santa was not the only notable visitor to Westport yesterday.

This bobcat wandered around Whitney Street, off Roseville Road. He tried to blend in with the surroundings — but James Brown captured this image.

(Photo/James Brown)


The bobcat (and Santa) were not the only visitors to Westport yesterday, either.

But they were alive.

On a Christmas walk at Compo Beach, Merri Mueller noticed dozens of large — and dead — fish washed up on shore.

When these happen in a place like Sherwood Mill Pond, it’s usually oxygen-related.

But what about these? if you know what caused this fish kill, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Merri Mueller)



Friday’s surprise snowfall was just what this rare snowy owl needed. Today’s “Westport … Naturally” star was chilling on a Compo Beach jetty.

(Photo/Marion Kelly)


And finally … Happy Boxing Day!