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Alert — and cautious — “06880” reader Jeff Mitchell lives on Easton Road, bordering wetlands that abut North Avenue and stretch all the way to the Merritt Parkway.

Coyotes are now routine. He sees an occasional wolf, and at one point beavers lived in his brook.

In 25 years here though, he’d never seen a bobcat — until now. “That’s what happens when you don’t mow your lawn for 2 weeks,” he says.

A neighbor on Meadowview Drive South  — the other side of Easton Road —  said she saw the bobcat too. There’s a large field behind her house.

She saw it “within the last month,” so the bobcat seems to have made Westport home. Jeff hopes no one harms it.

He also saw raccoons in the area, another daytime rarity. He assumes the bobcat was hunting them.

(Photos/Jeff Mitchell)

While bobcats can be seen in Connecticut, they’re only in the far western areas (concentrated in the northwest).

Jeff notes that bobcats can leap 10 feet, and run 25 miles an hour. Wisely, he and his son Eli took this video from the safety of their deck:

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