Photo Challenge #351

Kathie Motes Bennewitz was the first reader to identify last week’s Photo Challenge.

That’s no surprise. JC Martin’s image of “Onyx Perpetual” — a sculpture by Sally Mttikow — stands near the Riverwalk downtown. It’s part of the Westport Public Art Collections.

Bennewitz is the town arts curator. She knows this stuff.

But the handsome artwork (click here to see) is one of those hidden-in-plain sight sights.

And not because we walk by it so often, but seldom notice it. It’s hidden because vines and other growth are overtaking it.

Come on! This is public art. Let’s give it the love and attention it deserves.

This week’s Photo Challenge is pretty random. But it’s legit. This is a well-traveled location.

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments’ below.

And if you’ve got the back story: We’d love to know!

(Photo/Jay Walshon)

15 responses to “Photo Challenge #351

  1. No idea where but I would say that person didn’t have a good day!

  2. Andrew Colabella

    Longshore, Lot F. Donated to the Fire Department for practicing on a submerged vehicle.

    • John D McCarthy

      If so, appalling that it was left there by a town department

    • Werner Liepolt

      Holy crap! What on earth is going on in the minds of our elected and hired personnel… is open land now a synonym for junk yard and toxic dump?

  3. Chris Washington

    I hear they are going to build pickle ball courts and bathrooms here.

  4. Longshore. Corner of parking lot F. Below one of the osprey nests.

  5. So much for all that official talk about the environment and sustainability. This image pretty much sums up Westport’s idea of stewardship.
    And that goes double for what’s left of our open spaces – which are now under attack by temporary local leaders.

  6. This eyesore is owned by the town?! Of course, who else but town officials would have the Chutzpah to dump something like this in the midst of our community’s “crown jewell” that is Longshore. Just look at how poorly they have “maintained” our dedicated passive open space at Barons South over the years. That borders on municipal malpractice.

  7. Yes, this is Longshore.

  8. In other local news, Westport officials announced an exciting new expansion of the town’s food scrap recycling program. Starting Monday, any Westport resident can now recycle unwanted vehicles and appliances. Just haul the items to any one of the town’s parks and look for some open space. The junk will provide much needed homes for wildlife as well as offer a quaint, rustic backdrop for park visitors. For those who are new to the area, this general approach to land management is often associated withthe term “Swamp Yankee”.

    • Morley, the new Beachside Ave bridge put a middle island with a nice bricks and a stop sign. They might put a nice plant in the middle of the island around the stop sign.
      There’s activity at the Elmstead Ln property, which is between Morningside Drive S and Turkey Hill S, the barn has been fixed up and sealed off from the elements.

      I do believe the fire department has the fluids (transmission fluid, motor oil, A/C freon, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid) drained out of the training vehicles before the have them toss in weeds and high tide.
      Westport lives in a flood zone between the shoreline, Deadman’s Brook, Muddy Brook, Saugatuck River and all the other little streams that became raging rivers in crazy weather. You’re going to want the rescuers to know how to get people out of their flooded vehicles.

      Morley, you have a way with words that just drip with dry humor and sarcasm with twist of truth.

  9. “Westport … Naturally” image.

  10. Love that it is left there by the Fire Department. Can they not afford a tow truck to bring it to a more suitable location when it is not used for “training” once a year? Seems like a liability to be left in plain sight like that.

  11. Thanks, John, for the “municipal malpractice” tag…perfect!

  12. Loretta Santella Hallock

    Only in the new Westport do you have such negativity.
    What about the Gloria wreck?
    Is that not an eyesore and potential danger to youngsters exploring?
    I understand the vehicle was for training purposes.