Photo Challenge #350

All over town, open space is vanishing. Part of the Belta and Pabst properties on Bayberry Lane will be developed; so, apparently, will the Kowalsky land on Clapboard Hill.

But a relatively large bit of greenery sits undisturbed on the corner of Partrick and Crawford Roads. It’s been there for decades.

The open space — complete with a bench — was last week’s Photo Challenge. Marilyn Heffers, Alex Wennberg, Cathy Barnett and Derek Fuchs all knew exactly where it was. (Click here to see.)

Which raises a couple of interesting questions: It looks like a militia training ground — was that the original use?

How has it remained undisturbed?

And — only slightly off-topic — where does the odd name “Partrick” come from?

Now here is this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/JC Martin)

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  1. Aha! I know that! — it’s part of Riverwalk public art installation and the Westport Public Art Collection — Onyx Perpetual
    By Sally Mattikow. Hi believe it was donated by of Joseph and Martha Allen, around the time the riverwalk was dedicated. We would
    Love to learn more! (The town landscaping around it needs some tlc )

  2. We lived at 114 South Morningside Drive overlooking the 12 or so empty acres of Kowalsky’s property that was a gorgeous rural setting! If they build houses there, that beautiful view will be replaced by a view of roof tops and chimneys.

    • Jack 114 is under contract to be sold at or around $4.2 million. The last time it sold was 2014 for $2.4 million.
      Quite a price jump! I know it was much more reasonable price priced back when your family owned it.
      This very large house was built in 1970 on 2.38 acres with a pool and tennis court.
      Dan, add to the list of building activity Coastal Developers just put a sign out front of 960 Post Rd West formerly known as Men’s Warehouse

      • Wendy, 114 South Morningside Drive was built in 1961 by Frank Labbance from Fairfield. My father paid $45,000 to have it built and the 2+ acres didn’t cost us anything. My father and uncle bought 8 acres from Starring and sold off four of the acres for what they paid for the eight, thus getting the land for free. The new buyers won’t be too happy with their new view!

        • Wendy, Here’s another little tidbit about 114. It was built before central air conditioning was available for homes, or at least extremely rare. We never had central air conditioning. If you notice, long-standing air conditioning businesses don’t go back before 1961. They started in 1961.

          • Jack, interesting piece of history. Most homes built didn’t have central air until the early ’80s. It was considered a luxury high end addition just like cars and trucks. Air wasn’t standard in cars until about 20 years ago.
            All the information for 114 have it built in 1970. I did find the old listing from 2014 saying it was totally renovated and addition was put on in 1999. The ‘bones of the house’ are really 1961 not 1970 as the listing says.

            • Wendy, I love the expression “ the bones of the house. I wish I could remember when we bought the property from Starring, who lived behind the property on Clapboard Hill. I think it was purchased when I-95 was being built because my uncle moved a house he had from property being taken for the construction of the turnpike. That house was moved to the corner of Morningside and Clapboard Hill. After it was moved, C.B. Dolge either bought it, or rented it from my uncle. My father farmed the back yard in the 1960s, as a hobby, and Dolge let him grow corn in the back of his property. My father didn’t need to farm, because he was an owner of the golf range and bowling lanes, but farming was in his blood.

              • Jack, that house your uncle moved is actually still standing with all it’s ‘bones’ and had a full renovation plus extensive landscaping and fencing about 12 to 15 years ago.

                I was wondering why C B Dolge sounded familiar, of course Dan did a story on it,
                I see the C B Dolge Co building as I come northbound on Saugatuck Ave. The top of building overlooks the railroad tracks and overpass. Gault now owns the building.
                C B Dolge, a German inventor, chemist and the Backiel’s former neighbor.

                • Wendy, Dolge didn’t live next to us full time, if I remember correctly. I think he had another home someplace else. And yes that was his building you could see from the train.

      • Thanks, Wendy. Isn’t the former Men’s Warehouse property slated to become apartments?

  3. Partrick I believe comes from John Partrick who must have owned land in the area. At the northwest corner of Partrick Rd and Cranbury is a house with a historical plaque designating it as the John Partrick House. As a resident of Partrick Ln, I am used to everyone thinking that I live on Patrick Ln, but no, I correct them, just add that second “r”.

  4. Peggy O’Halloran

    Sculpture at Riverwalk near the Westport Library

  5. Correct, Kathie (who has an inside track, as town arts curator) and Peggy). This is the sculpture at the Riverwalk, near the Library. Well done!

  6. It’s lovely – looks like onyx. I would make sure the vines don’t take over

  7. Library River Walk

  8. This photo challenge seems to have taken a left turn in the middle. Did I miss something?. Thanks for finally saying that the guesses were correct

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