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New Daybreak Proposal: 9 Homes

First it was 12 units. Then 11. Now it’s 9.

Able Construction filed an application with the Planning & Zoning Department yesterday to build 9 units on the former Daybreak property, near Merritt Parkway Exit 42.

As before, the units are 2,000 square feet, with 2 bedrooms. All will be restricted: The owner-occupant must be 55 years or older.

One thing has changed. Plans now call for only one entrance and exit, on Weston Road. A cul-de-sac eliminates one of the reasons cited by neighbors in previous hearings: potential traffic hazards with an entrance on Main Street.

Plans for the Daybreak property. Weston Road is at the top; Easton Road and Main Street run diagonally from the upper left.

Able believes the market is there for Westporters who want to downsize from larger homes.

Under current 1/2-acre zoning, builders could construct 4 houses, of a few thousand square feet and with several bedrooms.

Or someone could propose an 8-30g project (multiple units, some of which are deemed affordable housing) on the site.

Plans for a typical unit proposed for the former Daybreak property.

A Modest Proposal

As reported yesterday, neighbors don’t want 11 homes built on the site of the former Daybreak property off Main Street and Weston Road, near Merritt Parkway Exit 42. They cite traffic and environmental concerns.

And Westporters don’t want a medical marijuana dispensary on the Post Road either. Two proposed locations are too close to elementary schools.

The solution is obvious, and perfect: Instead of 11 homes on Daybreak, put a dispensary there.

Problem solved!

Coalition: Let’s Notice P&Z Proposals

The North Avenue water tanks. The Daybreak property. The excavation behind Compo Acres Shopping Center.

All 3 proposals — and many others — were legally noticed by Westport’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

But not many Westporters read the teeny-tiny, buried-in-the-back legals in newspapers like the Norwalk Hour.

Or subscribe to email notifications from the town.

Or open the letters that get sent to the nearest neighbors.

Some neighbors were surprised by excavation work done in 2014 behind Compo Acres Shopping Center.

The P&Z knows this is an issue. They’re exploring additional ways to spread the word about upcoming applications.

The Coalition for Westport hopes to push them along.

The ad hoc, town development-focused group has filed a proposed text amendment with the P&Z. It would require posting a physical sign on any property subject to upcoming debate. It would be similar to the signs erected by restaurant owners when they request a liquor permit.

The P&Z will discuss the Coalition’s idea on February 1, at Town Hall.

You’re reading about it here because it’s not yet law. Also, because you don’t read the Hour. 

Plus, there’s no property on which to put a sign about it.