New Daybreak Proposal: 9 Homes

First it was 12 units. Then 11. Now it’s 9.

Able Construction filed an application with the Planning & Zoning Department yesterday to build 9 units on the former Daybreak property, near Merritt Parkway Exit 42.

As before, the units are 2,000 square feet, with 2 bedrooms. All will be restricted: The owner-occupant must be 55 years or older.

One thing has changed. Plans now call for only one entrance and exit, on Weston Road. A cul-de-sac eliminates one of the reasons cited by neighbors in previous hearings: potential traffic hazards with an entrance on Main Street.

Plans for the Daybreak property. Weston Road is at the top; Easton Road and Main Street run diagonally from the upper left.

Able believes the market is there for Westporters who want to downsize from larger homes.

Under current 1/2-acre zoning, builders could construct 4 houses, of a few thousand square feet and with several bedrooms.

Or someone could propose an 8-30g project (multiple units, some of which are deemed affordable housing) on the site.

Plans for a typical unit proposed for the former Daybreak property.

36 responses to “New Daybreak Proposal: 9 Homes

  1. Bart Shuldman

    Will the town leaders stand up and say something to support this project for our seniors. Many speak about downsizing so they can stay in Westport. Both candidates this past Novemeber for First Selectman spoke about the need, and one even talked about a location close to town.

    Well here it is—

  2. It seems that Able listened to every request
    made by the P&Z. This solution is less intense than four traditional family homes, and certainly less intense than the previous retail use. It is also consistent with the town’s plan of conservation and development diversifying housing stock.

    • Mary Ann Neilson

      Avi It is absolutely not consistent with The Town’s plan of development.
      There are to be NO cluster housing or 830g unless it can be tied to town sewer. There is no sewer there. It is out of the blue line.

      • See page 85 of the plan:

        75% of survey respondents agreed that Westport should have more housing choices for empty nesters. Additionally, it proposed “small scale developments in multiple areas” instead of large developments and ensure that the character of the neighborhoods is maintained.

        The proposed homes clearly fit that description. It is not an 8-30g type of project and really has nothing to do with sewer vs. septic.

      • Peter Greenberg

        Note: The daybreak property IS within the blue line.

  3. Richard Fogel

    55 and over is an adult community. It is a disguise for a big profit squeezed into a high traffic congested road. The road is congested daily. We need affordable homes and housing for seniors. The risk reward ratio on this busy area is not worth it. We need a higher volume of units in a controlled traffic area. The stop and yield signs are a maze to outsiders and somwe insiders. NO.

  4. Kudos to Able for listening to the community and adjusting appropriately. More developers should take a page from their book.

  5. Sally Campbell Palmer

    That intersection is not that bad if drivers would just use their signals.

  6. Arline Gertzoff

    Senior housing should be at least 62 and no children.The one entrance and exit is somewhat better but will still back up the intersection am and pm.The intersection should be realigned first.It sounds like a gated community not affordable housing for seniors.

  7. It appears this builder has made a strong effort and has come up with a workable plan that will likely be better than any other future plan. In my view, this revised plan should be approved.

  8. Emily Chaves

    My husband is over 55, and we have three school aged children. A 3rd Grader, a Kindergartener, and a preschooler who will soon enter public school. I suppose we, a family of 5, will easily qualify to purchase one of these homes. I know quiet a few parents over Age 55 with school aged children. Many couples are starting family later now. That said, this could become a cozy little family neighborhood.

    55 is hardly senior. The age restriction does not exclude families with school aged children. I hope Able Construction will make sure the driveways are wide enough to accommodate multiple Westport school buses ,safely entering and exiting this new 11 home neighborhood.

    • Emily, you need to read a bit more closely. They are 2-bedroom homes, and there are 9 homes, not 11.

      • Bart Shuldman

        And the school bus can pick up your children outside the complex, like they do for every other child.

        • Emily Chaves

          Bart, the Special Ed bus does drop the child off in front of the child’s home. Unless the town can exclude families with children from entering this development, it is a blank canvas for all sorts of possibilities that are quiet real.

          • Bart Shuldman

            Thanks for pointing that out. I would hope they use smaller buses and that would easily enter the complex.

            It is disheartening to read how many will find ways to fight a project that will benefit our seniors.

    • David J. Loffredo

      You’d live in a 2 bedroom 2000 sq ft home with three kids?

      • Bob Stalling

        Try a 950 sq ft, 3 bed, 1 bath home with 5 kids in Westport. No basement…

      • For the schools, people certainty would (and do) live in less than 2000 sq feet with 3 kids. Not that long ago an average home in the US was approx. 1600 sq feet.

      • Emily Chaves

        David, We DO currently in a 900 sq ft condo. It’s a 3B/2B though. In Westport.

  9. Stacy Prince

    Four homes, each on a half acre, would be in keeping with the rest of the neighborhood in terms of land use/density. Then maybe we could drop this “downsizing senior” nonsense and just get on with it.

    • Right on, Stacy! If this developer would truly have bended over backwards to work with the town as claimed somewhere above he wouldn’t have needed to amend our zoning regulations. Those who work with a town respect its zoning rules not change them. How else is it possible to propose something that is more than double the allowed density that applies to everyone else in zone A…

      • Bart Shuldman

        Anca-just remember that a developer could buy this site and decide to build 8-30g housing which can legally build apartments that avoids almost every Westport zoning regulations.

        Just think of a 3 story multi unit apartment building with many more units. And if you think it can be stopped because you don’t like the intersection or traffic, think again. The developer would tie Westport in court to fight any attempt to stop them.

        • Bart, 8-30g can’t happen here unless other regulations are broken. See section §19 Affordable Housing Zone. Those who developed affordable housing regulations realized that cluster housing on septic is a bad idea. See “19-9 Utilities
          19-9.1 Public water and sewer MUST BE available for the property, and all units MUST BE connected to the sewer and water lines.” So, please get the facts straight and stop telling people that the alternative here is 8-30g, it is not

          • Bart Shuldman

            I could be mistaken but I thought this is close to the Blue Line.

            • It can be in the middle of the blue line, still has no connection to sewer. Anything that goes up there has to be on septic with leaching fields It is also in the aquifer area, meaning the water underneath becomes our drinking water…

              • Bart Shuldman

                Just want to confirm, you do not want to approve the project that will give seniors an opportunity to downsize.

                • Bart, You got it wrong! 55 year olds are not seniors Last time I checked Westport regs you had to be at least 62 if not 65 to have ANY rights as a senior Again, please get your facts straight

                  • Bart Shuldman

                    Anca. Many, many properties are 55 and over and known as senior living. Please feel free to debate the topic, if you want.

          • David J. Loffredo

            The facts will set you free….


            In case you can’t read it – the proposed site is WITHIN the BLUE LINE so everything that Bart has proposed can happen.

            • Exactly, IF sewer is extended. For now, it is not.
              Blue line only means where sewer MIGHT be extended.
              As there is no sewer extension to 500 Main St yet, Bart is still wrong…

              • Bart Shuldman

                Anca. So what do you want? A retail location? A gas station? Convenience store? 8-30g 3 story building with 30+ units?

                Or housing for our seniors?

                I vote for housing for our seniors.

  10. Sarah Blumberg

    Why should this developer get to toss aside the rules and develop this area at twice the zoned density for their own profit? The neighborhood doesn’t want this, it’s not going to benefit seniors at this location or price point or less than senior age restriction, and it is not a safe place for clustered housing. Westport gains nothing by it and the developer makes a pile.

  11. Just two days ago, the RTM unanimously approved the sewer extension to Clinton Avenue, Fillow Street, Breezy Knoll, Richmondville Avenue, Sniffen Road, Loren Lane, Calumet Road, and Stone Drive. The Board of Selectmen initially approved this extension to 141 homes about a year ago. This will benefit all homes in the neighborhood, improve water quality, and will likely enhance home values. These are all within the blue line as well.

  12. Mary M Maynard

    Let’s just get on with it. The main problem is the intersection, and that should be rebuilt anyway. mmm