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Pic Of The Day #1477

Hummock Island, and Compo Hill homes (Photo/Dave Dellinger)

Pic Of The Day #1139

Tonight’s Compo Hill sunset (Photo/Lawrence Zlatkin)

Fire Lights Up Compo Hill

Just a few hours after trick-or-treaters descended on Compo Beach, a fire broke out in a detached garage at 32 Sherwood Drive. The street is up Compo Hill from Elvira’s.

The structure, and 2 cars inside, were destroyed. There were no injuries.

Last night’s fire could be seen throughout Old Mill. (Photo/Robin Tauck)

Fairfield firefighters covered headquarters, as Westport firefighters battled the blaze. Westport Police helped with traffic and crowd control. Westport EMS was on the scene too.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Firefighters on the scene. 

Pic Of The Day #131

Compo Hill, as seen from the Old Mill tidal flats — or the Mediterranean? (Photo/Dan Woog)