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Pic Of The Day #504

Another beach season ends. The Compo guards say thanks — and we thank them! (Photo/Heidi List Murphy)

Unsung Heroes #61

I’m not sure why summer lasts only 3 days, while winter drags on for 27 months, but once again one of our favorite seasons races to a close.

And once again we’ve been served wonderfully well by our Compo Beach, Longshore and Burying Hill lifeguards.

Despite their red outfits, high perches and occasional whistles, they tend to blend in with the sand and sea scenery.

Yet without them, we would not have the wonderful summer(s) we do.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

Thankfully, their real emergencies are very few. But — in addition to training incessantly for them — our lifeguards also

  • Keep overzealous swimmers from straying into danger, and over-aggressive boats at bay
  • Handle routine scrapes, bruises and stings with care and kindness
  • Quickly summon the pros for more dangerous medical issues
  • Reunite lost kids with parents (and, during the fireworks, lost spouses with each other)
  • Answer tons of questions, from difficult to ridiculous (“yes, Joey’s is open now”)
  • Educate beach-goers about jellyfish and horseshoe crabs
  • Post thought-provoking Quotes of the Day
  • Pick up more garbage than you realize.

I’m sure I’ve missed many of other things our lifeguards do. Because — like the list above — they do them quietly, efficiently and (way too often) thanklessly.

Plus they’re out there, rain or shine.

So, to head guard Heidi List Murphy and her fantastic Parks & Recreation crew: thank you! You are always — but especially this week — our Unsung Heroes.

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Pic Of The Day #452

The end of a Compo Beach lifeguard’s day (Photo/Doris Ghitelman)

Former Compo Guards Keep Saving Lives

Back in the day, a group of Compo lifeguards kept the beach safe.

Decades later, they’re still saving lives.

Spurred on by Dave Jones — a 1971 Staples High School graduate and longtime lifeguard who battled several cancers, built a community cancer center and started a foundation that gives away money in non-traditional ways — the former guards raised money for Stew Leonard III Children’s Charities.

Honoring the 21-month-old son of Stew Leonard Jr., who drowned in 1989, the organization promotes water safety and awareness.

but the former Compo lifeguards did more than raise a few bucks. On Sunday, they presented the charity with a check for $10,000.

Dave Jones (2nd from left) and Stew Leonard Jr. (5th from left) pose with former Compo Beach lifeguards, at the check presentation.

That’s inspiring. And they’ve inspired the current guards to do their part too.

On Sunday — next to the daily quotes posted in the lifeguard shack window, which everyone on the boardwalk stops to read — the 2017 crew posted Stewie the Duck’s water safety rules.


  • Swim with an adult
  • Always wear a life vest
  • Take swim lessons.

(To read Dave Jones’ remarkable back story, click here.)

Pic Of The Day #53

Compo Beach lifeguard chair (Photo/Penney DeMattio)

A Good Walk Spoiled

Betsy P. Kahn’s early morning Compo Beach stroll was marred by this sight:

Lifeguard chair - August 23, 2016 - Betsy P Kahn

(Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

Every lifeguard chair up and down the shore was toppled, she says.

And this is not the first time.

No, the wind was not strong last night.

But the (we assume) teenagers out for some late-summer mischief were.

Compo Guards Save Lives, Offer Life Lessons

Westport’s lifeguards are superb. They’re well-trained, well-skilled, friendly and fun. (They’re also very tan and quite fit.)

Compo Beach-goers know that the guard shack offers more than first aid. There’s tide and temperature info; warnings — and an always intriguing Quote of the Day.

Yesterday’s was particularly noteworthy:

Compo lifeguard sign


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