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Coffee An’ … Moth Hole Repairs

Lisa Denaro is one of the many reasons to love Coffee An’.

The longtime waitress greets regulars and newcomers alike with a warm smile and great service.

She also sews their sweaters.

Lisa Denaro

One day, she noticed a moth hole on a very regular customer. Boldly, she told him she could fix it.

He took it off, and handed it over.

When Lisa gave it back a few days later, he was so impressed he urged her to start a business.

Darn It!

That’s the name she chose. Since then, she’s repaired moth holes for a number of Coffee An’ customers.

Lisa has found her niche. She does not do tailoring or seamstress work. Just moth hole repair.

Well, pet-sitting too. That’s another business: I Love ‘Em Like You Do.

But that’s another story entirely.

(For moth repair, call Lisa at 203-400-7589.)

Pic Of The Day #772

Classic Coffee An’ (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

Pic Of The Day #169

Coffee An’s classic counter (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

Coffee An’ Class

Alert “06880” reader Dan Donovan writes:

Every Sunday morning I go to the Merritt Superette to pick up the Sunday paper, and get a doughnut from Coffee An’ for my dad.

This past Sunday, as I was leaving, the owner of Coffee An’ came out to my car. He apologized for overcharging me, and handed me $2.

I never would have known.

But he gained a customer for life.