Coffee An’ … Moth Hole Repairs

Lisa Denaro is one of the many reasons to love Coffee An’.

The longtime waitress greets regulars and newcomers alike with a warm smile and great service.

She also sews their sweaters.

Lisa Denaro

One day, she noticed a moth hole on a very regular customer. Boldly, she told him she could fix it.

He took it off, and handed it over.

When Lisa gave it back a few days later, he was so impressed he urged her to start a business.

Darn It!

That’s the name she chose. Since then, she’s repaired moth holes for a number of Coffee An’ customers.

Lisa has found her niche. She does not do tailoring or seamstress work. Just moth hole repair.

Well, pet-sitting too. That’s another business: I Love ‘Em Like You Do.

But that’s another story entirely.

(For moth repair, call Lisa at 203-400-7589.)

9 responses to “Coffee An’ … Moth Hole Repairs

  1. Ann Chernow


  2. Jeff Jacobs

    Coffee ‘An workers are a wonderful group of people – and employees – thanks to George and Elias (and, before them, Joy and Derek). In fact, many of their staff became beloved babysitters for our two daughters.

  3. My wife and I met Lisa at Coffee ‘An a good while ago and have been using her dog-sitting service regularly. She’s a fine person, 100% reliable and a true dog-whisperer. Our aging pups love her.

    Haven’t tried her darning services yet, but we intend to. Like many people in the area, we’re infested with moths and are tired of throwing out expensive sweaters that skilled hands could fix.

  4. Nancy Moon

    Thanks, Dan. I called Lisa and I’m dropping off a sweater to her … I have had a hole in a cashmere sweater. Was just about to throw it out! She sounds terrific! Thanks.

    • Hi again, I just wanted you to know I picked up my sweater from Lisa tonight, she filled in 4 holes…..I can’t even see where she mended the sweater….she is excellent. Thanks, Dan!!

  5. Margo Gottstern

    Dan, once again you are the best resource around, from the ridiculous to the sublime. Thank you. Echoing all the other comments, I shall call Lisa soon.

    • Thanks, Margo — much appreciated. Just one question: Is this story ridiculous, or sublime?!

      Just kidding… — Dan

      • Sharon Paulsen

        Tee Hee …

        I’m inclined to interject and say this story is “feel-good”, inspiring, and fun!

  6. Ellen Peck

    Thank you Dan – and look forward to meeting you ‘again’ Lisa!
    Love Coffee An’… An’ so…also was ransacked by moths two years ago; still holding onto a few sweaters that could use some TLC repair…