Go Green, Earn Green: Sustainable Westport Needs A Logo

Sure, it’s a clunky name. But the Sustainable Westport Advisory Team — formerly the Westport Green Task Force — gets the job done.

Members — appointed by the first selectman — have led projects like school zero-waste lunches, the Pollinator Pathway and Green Building Awards.

They coordinated zero-waste zones at the April Maker Faire, diverting 113 pounds of waste from the incinerator.

What Sustainable Westport lacks is a logo.

But not for long. They’ve designed a contest, open to all. The winner gets $250 — and the satisfaction of seeing his or her design appear on letterheads, banners, awards and more, for years to come.

Entries can come in any form — including on a (recyclable) napkin. But remember: Sustainability is where “environmental viability meets economic success, and is inclusive of all people in town.”

In other words: The logo should not be just a tree.

Anyone who works, lives or goes to school in Westport — or has done so in the past — is encouraged to submit a design. The deadline is June 10.

For more information, click here.

This was the logo for the previous name.

3 responses to “Go Green, Earn Green: Sustainable Westport Needs A Logo

  1. So Sustainable Westport is a public agency. Interesting.

  2. Sharon Paulsen


    Getting my sketch pad right now … I love a pen and paper, old school style, to get my creative juices flowing.

    Later, it makes it’s way to my Mac and all things digital (yawn).

  3. As a graphic designer, I’d like to suggest we ask the folks sponsoring this campaign — whether they be real estate developers, real estate agents, architects, doctors, attorneys, dentists, psychotherapists, life coaches or whatever they do to pay the bills — to provide their professional services on spec, for a contest. They’ll submit their professional services, I’ll keep them, and then I’ll pick one of them, and pay that individual a fraction of a professional fee for their services…

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