Pic Of The Day #772

Classic Coffee An’ (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

12 responses to “Pic Of The Day #772

  1. Love the new awning!

  2. have you ever written a Woog article about the family that has kept this WONDERFUL place going for decades? The prints before and now the children? They are very special . that all customers like friends– lines out the door for morning coffee and doughnuts…….

  3. Ann is so right. This wonderful place is a local legend…the nicest, friendliest family that embraces each customer with love and personal attention. No one ever gets flustered and each customer, no matter how long the line, is treated with perfect courtesy and service. And the doughnuts are to die for.

  4. Best plain donuts in the United States…

  5. The very best plain donuts in the United States…

  6. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Growing up off Lyons Plains Rd. Weston in the 1960’s,this place was a Big part of our Saturday
    mornings..(and of course, whenever we’d take our Buick to North Main Garage for serviicing there, we Had to then stop at ‘Coffee An’..(Yes,the plain donuts! :-)..they used to have the donut making machine there, back then..:-)

  7. Linda (Pomerantz) Novis

    Growing up in Weston,in the 1960’s,this place a Big part of our Saturdays,along with piano lessons, etc..(and of course, whenever we’d take our Buick into North Main garage, there,we had to stop at ‘Coffe An’..)
    (Yes to their plain donuts 🙂 Wasn’t there an old donut-making machine inside there? or is this just my own memory? 🙂

  8. Simply the best! Loved it when a regular appointment 20 years ago took me by every week just after lunch-time. The regular: a grilled cheese on rye with bacon and tomato…yum. And the collection of stores there was perfect, meeting all essential daily human needs, except a supermarket.

  9. Robert Mitchell

    All the above and breakfast for lunch, with a donut for dessert. And not a purple donut with green sprinkles, either.
    An old-fashioned friendly place where strangers talk to each other, as well.

  10. Nice picture! (and we can see who took it too!)
    Such a lovely place. We have been going there for twenty years, same homy crowd every time.

  11. also loved the family that ran it pre-1992. It was a seamless transition

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