Photo Challenge #455

All those outdoor meeting places with log benches look alike.

There’s one at Earthplace. Another at the Westport Weston Family YMCA’s Mahackeno Outdoor Center.

But the one shown in last week’s Photo Challenge, courtesy of Mark Mathias, was the “chapel in the woods,” behind Saugatuck Congregational Church. (Click here to see.)

Built as an Eagle Scout project by Tobey Patton — son of scoutmaster Craig Patton and Saugatuck Church pastor Rev. Alison Patton, who moved last month to a new church in Maine — it actually is on church property.

There was a brief debate in the “06880” comments as to whether the chapel was inadvertently built on land belonging to the town.

But even though most people assume it’s part of Winslow Park, it’s not. Mathias provided proof — via the town of Westport’s GIS map system — it is the church’s woods.

Congratulations to Dan Vener, Jodi Stevens Bryce, Chris Buckley, Mary Sikorski, Molly Alger, Seth Schachter, Nancy Vener, Amy Schneider, Wendy Crowther, John Suggs, Nancy Bloom, Richard Ellis, Karen Kim, Robert Mitchell, Andrew Colabella, Tom Long, Karen La Costa, Matt McGrath, Colette Winn, Bruce Borner and Lois Himes. You definitely know your outdoor log benches!

Now to this week’s challenge.

Last week’s photo had nothing to do with the Y’s outdoor meeting place. But this one is definitely Y-related.

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Nancy Barrer)

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17 responses to “Photo Challenge #455

  1. Anthropologie

  2. Easy! Anthropologie.

  3. Bonnie Strittmatter

    Anthropologie – the old Y building

  4. At the Y? (LOL)

  5. inside the store that purchased the old Y downtown – Anthorpologie

  6. Anthropologie on Main St ( I see a flashback Friday coming…)

  7. part of the Bedford family’s legacy to the “downtown YMCA”

  8. Anthropologie

  9. Anthropologie!

  10. The last remnants of the old Y in Anthrop

  11. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    (Originally from the old YMCA)

  12. Anthropologie store which used to be the Y building.

  13. Anthropologie

  14. Anthropologie

  15. The “Old Y,” now Anthropologie.

  16. Obviously, it is Anthropologie – the original home of the Y.

  17. Anthropologie downtown old Y building

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