Photo Challenge #454

Most “06880” readers chose not to labor over last week’s Photo Challenge.

They no doubt spent the Labor Day holiday at the beach, barbecuing, or doing anything more constructive than trying to suss out where Ellen Wentworth’s image could be. (Click here to see.)

It was, as reader Jack Backiel commented, “udderly frustrating.”

But don’t have a cow. As (only) Jill Denowitz knew, the bovine in question is at Little Barn.

On a shelf. Its buddies, of course, are on the menu.

Now the holiday is over. Back to business. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

39 responses to “Photo Challenge #454

  1. Between the Saugatuck Congregational Church parking lot and Winslow park.

  2. Earth Place outdoor theater seating

  3. Behind the Saugatauk Congregational Church in Winslow Park! It’s beautiful there. I believe the Boy Scouts built it?

  4. Earthplace?

  5. Camp Mahackeno.

  6. Behind the Saugatuck church on Post Rd.

  7. You’ll find this walking through Winslow Park and heading to behind the the Saugatuck Congregational Church in the woods.

  8. Winslow Park

  9. I believe this is in Winslow Park – behind Saugtauck church

  10. In the woods on the back part of Winslow Park. I believe the prayer benches were part of youth project from the church.

  11. Winslow Park

  12. Earthplace?

  13. I agree that they are near Winslow Park, but the location is technically not part of Winslow. The land belongs to the Saugatuck Church (behind their rear parking lot). The church allows Winslow visitors the permission to cross through it. However, dogs must be on leashes there – something most dog owners either don’t realize or choose not to comply with.

    • Actually, Wendy I always thought that it was on part of the Town’s property and not the Saugatuck Church’s property. That it was designed as part of a Eagle Scout project for the Church but it was mistakenly erected on the Town’s side of the property line. And that the Town has quietly let it stand. At least that is how I heard the story told years ago.

      • John, I looked up the property lines on the Town’s GIS system and Saugatuck Church’s “Chapel in the Woods” is clearly on the church’s property. I’ll send you an image of the property lines via private email.

  14. Earthplace

  15. Earthplace

  16. Outdoor chapel behind Saugatuck Congregational Church

  17. The “Logs” at Camp Mahackeno?


  19. Earth Place –

  20. Outdoor chapel at Saugatuck Church

  21. Maybe Earthplace

  22. Very interesting that there are 3 places this could be: Saugatuck Church “chapel in the woods” which is actually in the Winslow Park woods; Earthplace, or Camp Mahackeno.

    And the answer is … Saugatuck Church’s chapel. As John Suggs notes above, it is probably on town property, but it’s an Eagle Scout project that fortunately still remains there.

  23. Earthplace

  24. Earthplace

  25. Saugatuck Church woodland chapel

  26. Woodland Chapel?

  27. Indeed an Eagle Scout Project by Tobey Patton son of Rev.Allison and Craig Patton

  28. Nature Center

  29. I vote Winslow Park – near church parking lot

  30. Behind Saugatuck church, Winslow Park

  31. Christa Ferrick Fitts

    It’s at Earthplace. One of the newer areas they added.

  32. is it the ampitheatre at Mahackeno? not sure as it doesn’t look steep enough.

  33. part (ish) of winslow / connected to the church

  34. Saugatuck Congregational Church Outdoor Chapel

  35. Outdoor chapel of Saugatuck Congregational Church. It was built a few years ago by Rev Alison and Craig Patton’s eldest son as an Eagle Scout project.

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