“06880” Podcast: Anjali McCormick

When Anjali McCormick took over as Westport Weston Family YMCA CEO, the pandemic was still in full swing.

People longed to swim, work out and take classes. They wanted their kids in summer camp. But they worried about doing it too close to others. The Y was much quieter than usual.

Today, the Bedford Family Center and Mahackeno Outdoor Center buzz with activity. The pools, fitness center, gym and classrooms are full (the parking lot too).

As the Y prepares for its 100th anniversary gala October 6, McCormick looks both back and ahead. She’s learned a lot about the organization’s illustrious history.

And she is eager to build on it.

The other day at the Westport Library, McCormick joined me for an “06880” podcast. She talked about her route from Harvard and New Jersey to Westport; the Y’s strengths (and challenges), and what’s to come.

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2 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Anjali McCormick

  1. susie blumenfeld

    Anjali is a goft to the Y and to Westport.

  2. Catherine K Walker

    Unreal how lucky our Y was to attract her! Truly the best of the best.

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