Unsung Heroes #301

Labor Day is already in the rear view mirror.

But it’s never too late to hail the men and women who — quietly, efficiently, thanklessly — make our daily lives easier.

Some of them had a brief moment in the sun in the early days of the pandemic. Others never did.

But to every retail clerk, supermarket shelf stocker or checkout person, restaurant worker, delivery man or woman — and everyone else who labors for us (and may not have had Labor Day off): Thank you.

We don’t always acknowledge, you. Sometimes it seems that we don’t even see you.

Monday was your day. But really, every day should be.

Charle (Charlotte) is a favorite at Balducci’s.

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13 responses to “Unsung Heroes #301

  1. I absolutely love Charlie!!!!! God bless her!!!

  2. Charlotte is a super hero and in many respects makes. Balduccis what it is. She is a wonderful lady and an inspirAtion to all of the younger employees.

  3. Celeste Champagne

    Charlie IS Balducci’s:-)

  4. Charlie is the BEST – Balducci’s is so so lucky to have her!

  5. Charlotte has been a family friend since we met her at HayDay. We all are brighter after see her.

  6. Charlotte is the face of Balducci’s for me. She is always smiling, cheerful and very helpful. She epitomizes customer service at the highest level.

    • Our family loves Charlotte beyond measure❤️ She is a wonderful inspiration and roll model!
      Carol McKay

  7. Charlotte is fabulous❤️

  8. Patricia McMahon

    Charlotte is a legend, and my spirit animal.
    I just adore this human🥰💫

  9. Once Balducci’s changed hands & modernized to self check-out (Which I Loathe) I very nearly ditched them forever!! BUT I still pop in often- just to chat with Charlotte- my all time fave!

  10. Charlotte, you are the ONLY justification for shopping at a store that intentionally gouges…thanks for being there.

  11. We love you Charlie! You always have a twinkle in your eye and a smile – and cool hats too! You bounced back from a tough car accident, still weed your lawn and remember grocery codes and care about the clientele. You are the soul of Balduccis and I love our encounters – at the cash register nearest the door as you like it! Keep on rocking Charlie!!!

  12. Charlie is by far the most prized treasure at Balduccis Westport! A wonderful Lady with a special youthful twinkle in her eyes and graceful smile❗️ Since the Hay Days prior faculty, we appreciate you always 🤗❗️

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