“06880 On The Go”: Long Lots School

Colin Morgeson is spending his Staples High School senior internship with “06880.”

The high honors soon-to-be-graduate is creating a video project: “06880 On the Go.”

For the next 3 weeks he’ll roam around Westport with a video camera, asking readers (and non-readers) questions about trending topics and town events.

Today he explores Long Lots (the elementary school he attended, back in the day). What’s up with the renovation? What do the principal, and others, think?

Click below to see the first-ever “06880 On The Go.” Then look for Colin and his camera. Say hi, and tell him what’s on your mind.

9 responses to ““06880 On The Go”: Long Lots School

  1. Wow! Go Colin! That was awesome. Can’t wait for your next installment!

  2. J. Scott Broder

    Congratulations to Dan and his summer intern
    Colin Morgeson on the 1st episode of
    “06880 on The Go”. It was well done 👍🏼

  3. This was awesome-very professional and well done! Way to go Colin!

  4. That’s great! Matthew is our high school intern. We are thrilled to have such a smart student working for us at Westport Mortgage!

  5. Vanessa Bradford

    Yay Colin and well done! Attended Long Lots in the late 60s and although improvements and additions have been made, time for a total refresh

  6. Love this idea~ I wish he would address the crumbling sidewalks up Kings Highway and the geese poop at Long Shore!

  7. Long Lots really old? Ouch. I am older than the school, which I attended when it was a junior high. Greens Farms and Kings Highway are older–witness the fact that they were built without gyms or cafeterias. I think Coleytown elementary is about the same age.

  8. Let me add I had classes at Columbia University in buildings built in 1897. No one has advocated tearing them down–they form the architectural integrity of the main campus.

    • No, they’ve just spent billions of dollars over the decades expanding their campus with ever-more advanced buildings with the technology and amenities required for a modern education.

      Also, I’m not sure even the original architects of LLS would suggest it form the architectural integrity of anything 😉

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