Pic of The Day #2227

A dead animal at Compo Beach? No — it’s a rope, and seaweed. (Photo/Lauri Weiser)

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  1. RIP

  2. Linda Sugarman

    Makes my heart skip a beat!! Looks like some spare line all coiled up. How did it end up unused on the beach? Was it from a small boat, some sailors life line needed for a small anchor in a storm??

    Ended up on a Mexican beach after hurricane Mitch. Coils of rope and galley equipment from our boat strewn around.
    Hope this hank of rope does not have that kind of story attached to it!! Hope it’s just some paraphernalia that ended up as a shell catching pretty piece of flotsam washed off a dinghy dock some place!!
    Hope it’s just a reminder of a sunny day looking for boat shells on the beach!!

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