“06880” Podcast: Julie Mombello And Patty Lewis

Out of the ashes of 9/11, a lifeline arose.

Julie Mombello and Patty Lewis met at Greens Farms Academy, where they worked.

When Patty’s husband Adam — who grew up poor but, helped by scholarships and access to education, became a successful Wall Street executive — was killed in the Twin Towers, the women vowed to pass his legacy on to others.

They founded Adam J. Lewis Academy in Bridgeport. Begun as a pre-school — now including kindergarten through grade 4, with plans to increase through 8th grade — it offers a high-quality experience so that curious youngsters can explore, discover and develop their full potential.

It is a remarkable place, full of compassion, passion and energy — and plenty of opportunities. It is nurtured by many caring Westporters.

The other day, I chatted with Patty (now head of school) and Julie (a longtime Westporter who is now the director). We talked about Adam J. Lewis — the school, and its namesake — as well as education in Bridgeport and Westport, wealth inequality, American culture and much more.

It was an eye-opening half hour. Click below, to see and hear our conversation.

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  1. My grandsons attend AJLA, and I have led a school-wide project there. It is a remarkable school and a very happy place. Learning is child-centered and hands-on. I love that the boys are in a very diverse environment. Respect for the social differences between people is an important factor in their education, something I didn’t have going through the Westport schools. My grandsons are thriving in AJLA’s general culture of kindness and respect, both for other students and for themselves as young learners. Thanks, Dan, for showcasing this wonderful school!

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