Westport’s Grand List Lives Up To Its Name

The Grant List is official.

According to town assessor Paul Friia, the net 2022 Grand List of $11,312,004,303 represents an increase of approximately 1.9 percent from the 2021 valuation.

The Grand List is the sum of the net assessed value of all taxable property – real estate, motor vehicles and personal property. Motor vehicles and personal property are valued annually. Real estate is updated based on the market values determined as of the town’s last revaluation date (October 1, 2020).

Homes like this one near Compo Beach — which sold for $11.4 million — keep Westport’s Grand List high.

All 3 categories showed increases.

The 1.4 percent increase in real estate assessment results from continued residential and commercial new construction, plus renovation activity.

Construction continues on 32 condominiums at 41 Richmondville Avenue, and 12 at 60 Wilton Road.

In addition, improvements to buildings on Main Street and the construction of approximately 66 new homes contributed to the increases in the 2022 real estate Grand List.

Personal Property increased approximately 14 percent, suggesting a reinvestment in local new and existing businesses to include equipment and leasehold improvements.

Motor Vehicles increased a total of 4.7 percent. Although less of an increase than the previous year, Friia says it reflects a return to a more typical market.

The current adjusted 2022 Grand List totals are:

Assessment 2022 % of List
Real Estate 10,447,786,476 92.36
Motor Vehicle 486,524,740 4.30
Personal Property 377,693,087 3.34
TOTAL 11,312,004,303 100%


Friia also announced the Top 10 taxpayers in Westport:

 Connecticut Light & Power Inc          Pers. Property                         141,398,240

60 Nyala Farms Road LLC                Real Estate                                83,335,700

Bedford Square Assoc LLC               Real Estate                                51,520,000

Aquarion                                             Real/Pers. Prop.                        34,668,193

Equity One Westport Vill. Center      Real Estate                                32,310,568

Bridgewater Associates LP                Pers. Property                           25,676,660

Byelas LLC                                        Real Estate                                24,856,700

LCB Westport LLC                            Real/Pers. Prop.                        22,302,600

1735 Ashley LLC                               Real Estate                                20,310,660

Westport Riverside Assoc LLC          Real Estate                                19,470,500

Southern Connecticut Gas Co            Pers. Property                           19,077,130

The Nyala Farms office complex — which includes Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund — is Westport’s 2nd highest taxpayer.


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