Roundup: Cross Highway Crash, Used Sports Equipment, Terry Brannigan …

Another accident at the crash-prone Cross Highway/Bayberry Lane intersection sent one person to the hospital just before noon on Monday.

The collision — which closed Bayberry for a while — began when a driver headed toward Fairfield on Cross Highway ran the stop sign. The vehicle slammed into a car headed south on Bayberry. That automobile then hit the front of a car stopped at the northbound Bayberry stop sign.

The motorist who went through the stop sign was treated by EMS and transported to Norwalk Hospital for minor injuries.

The 3-car accident at the intersection of Cross Highway and Bayberry Lane. (Photo/Westport Fire Department)


Back in 2020, the Hackett family wanted to do something meaningful to give back to those in need.

All avid athletes, they chose a project that connects with them, and their Westport community. (It also helps clear out clutter.)

Working with Leveling the Playing Field — a non-profit organization helps underprivileged youngsters who need sports equipment — they’ll collect new and gently used sports and playground equipment.

They’ll be at the Granola Bar this Saturday and Sunday (December 10 and 11), from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Hackett family, with just a few of their many donations.

You must have stuff lying around: cleats, field hockey sticks, lacrosse equipment, bats, ice hockey skates, footballs, softball gloves, soccer shin guards, etc. Click here for a full list of items — you’ll be amazed at what you forgot you have.

So clean out your garages, sheds and basements. It’s time to level the playing field for everyone!

For more information about this amazing organization, click below:


One of the most important holiday collections is going on right now.

The Westport Domestic Violence Task Force is collecting gift cards for residents of 2 Domestic Violence Crisis Center safe houses.

Gift cards allow survivors the dignity to purchase what they most need or want for their families. Suggested retailers include Stop & Shop, ShopRite, Amazon, Target and Walmart.

Gift cards can be left with the dispatch center in the lobby of the Westport Police Department (50 Jesup Road), between now and December 13.


Staples High School Class of 2020 graduate Terry Brannigan has many talents.

He’s double majoring in physics and music at Wesleyan University. He’s minoring in IDEAS (Integrated Design, Engineering and Applied Science). He’s a varsity wrestler.

And now — as wrestling season is just ramping up — he’s released a new song.

“Sunshine Serenade” is a blend of musical styles, from metal to R&B. Terry has been working on it — evolving and growing — the song for years.

“It finally bloomed into this rollercoaster that it is now,” he says.

Click here to stream “Sunshine Serenade,” on your favorite platform.


Amy Schneider snapped today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo behind the Levitt Pavilion.

“What is it?” she wonders.

All I know is: It died long ago.

If you’re more of a naturalist than Amy or I, please click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)


And finally … Kirstie Alley — Rebecca on “Cheers,” among many other acting credits — died Monday. She was 71, and had suffered from cancer.

She had quite a full career (click here for her obituary). And when she died, everyone knew her name.


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  1. This is a snake says Ted Markus

  2. Where is “there” for the sports equipment donation site?

  3. I think there was a missing phrase in the article about Leveling the Playing Field. *Where* will the Hackett family be collecting sports equipment? Thanks.

  4. My bad. it’s the Granola Bar. Will re-post tomorrow. Sorry.

  5. As a daily walker I regularly come across accident scenes at or near The Cross Hwy Bayberry intersection. There was so many that I asked the police to give me a list of recent ones and had to stop at 66 incidents!
    What is also “off the radar” and not included in the study is the blind curve at 177 Cross just past Bayberry. The stone wall at 180 gets plowed into way to often by speeders because of the blind curve. After speaking to the engineer who is doing the study on Cross Hwy a couple of signs went up which is not enough to prevent the problem. The hillside (on town right-of-way) obstructing the line of sight needs to be leveled. How and to whom can I make that clear.

  6. I agree with Ted Markus about the skull & vertebrae having the appearance of a snake. Can’t tell from the photo what the full length of the thing might be. If the largest oak leaf in the shot is about 4″ long, the skull is awfully large. Yikes!
    I for one, won’t be walking behind the Levitt Pavilion come Spring!

  7. I’m thinking the skeleton looks more like a fish (striped bass?) than a snake.

  8. Sea Robin is my guess.

  9. Typo alert!
    Kirstie not Kristie.

  10. Lionfish an invasive to LIS and venomous

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