Unsung Hero #265

Before Thanksgiving gets too far away, here’s a shout-out to Lucia Palmieri.

The native Westporter cooks meals every year for the holiday — and then gives them away.

This year, it was 10 whole turkeys. (She does 4 at a time, in her ovens.) Then she makes bone broth.

Lucia Palmierii reflects on her Thanksgiving turkeys. She cooks 4 at a time.

This month, she organized a “Santa Run.” A fire truck (and Santa) will come to her house. She’ll supply a fire and hot chocolate; she’ll lead some carols.

In return, guests bring a wrapped gift — and donate $25 to the Fire Department.

Lucia does it all despite a demanding international concert touring schedule. She’s a very talented opera singer. She’s sung at Carnegie Hall, at the US Open, and on ESPN, Bravo, ABC and NBC.

She specializes in Italian and Latin songs — and Italian cooking. (Liza Minnelli, Jon Bon Jovi, Kenneth Cole and the late Marvin Hamlisch have raved about her food.)

Lucia Palmieri, on stage.

Lucia always thinks of others. She does her good deeds quietly, and spectacularly. Thanks, and congratulations: You’re this week’s well-deserved Unsung Hero. (Hat tip: Kathy  Calise)

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7 responses to “Unsung Hero #265

  1. https://m.imdb.com/name/nm4571301/
    . . . “chef turned soprano” . . . turned chef!

  2. WOW. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about ♥️🙏

  3. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Only two comments on this fine lady and her wonderful caring act? TWO??? That’s it????
    She is a wonderful giving woman with a last name that really means something in Westport.
    What is WRONG with you Nouveau Westporters????

  4. Bravo to this woman with so many gifts! How lucky for people to experience the warmth of her cooking and soul this holiday. We are such a lucky community.

  5. Lucia is a treasure. She has the biggest heart and is always looking for ways to help the community and anyone who needs a hand. <3

  6. Cheryl Saviano Petrone

    So caring and thoughtful! From 1 native Westporter to another, brava!

  7. I think her charity is so fantastic. Reaching out and really helping community is what Westport is all about. Thank you!

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