Staples Student Directors Star At Young Filmmakers’ Forum

Staples High School pulses with exciting, challenging classes.

But there are many chances to learn outside the classroom too.

Staples Independent Learning Experience is one path. Students spend a semester or full year working independently or collaboratively, on a project they’re passionate about.

They’re supported by an Independent Learning Experiences teacher, and a faculty mentor.

Last school year, 6 students directed and produced films. On December 20 (6:30 p.m.), the Westport Library will host their international premieres. Afterward, media studies teacher/advisor Lauren Bullock will moderate a talkback, with the filmmakers.

Staples students have access to sophisticated video equipment and editing software.

The films at the Westport Young Filmmakers’ Forum include:

Chucknea’s Biopic (Filmmaker: Jacob Friedman)
An ex-criminal-turned-interdimensional defense officer investigates a lead on a former crime partner, only to discover a more sinister plot for revenge that implicates the security of all dimensions.

Plus One Filmmakers: Leah Chapman, Tate Mullineaux)
Co-dependency and instability challenge 2 teens, as they try to deal with everyday life.

Sincerely, Nadia FilmmakerElen Macaluso)
Struggling with mental health issues, a high school girl reflects on her life.

Edges of Love (Filmmaker: Ben Seideman)
A couple preys on unsuspecting victims in a twisted game of betrayal, manipulation and psychosis.

Crucible (Filmmaker: Jack Rein)
A timid youngster suffering from domestic violence is transformed into a confident vigilante, as his family collapses onto him.

If you’re thinking of amateur attempts made with cheap equipment held by shaky hands — think again.

This is 2022. These high school kids have been taught well.

They’ve learned a lot on their own, too.

See their last high school films on the Westport Library’s big screen.

You will probably see their work in years to come.

On a much larger one.

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