Pic Of The Day #2020

Dave Matlow’s Riverwalk photo was photo inspired by Edward Hopper’s late afternoon shadows and aloneness.

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #2020

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Love the Hopper reference. Great shadow & light capture!

  2. Robin Scarella

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  3. Great picture Dave!

  4. Where are the people complaining that they need more places to walk by the shore.

  5. Nancy Sherburne

    Such a lovely photo of a bridge over water, something I don’t see in Tucson. Since it used the jpg format, I was able to save the photo. Who knows? Maybe I can use it for wallpaper and have a piece of Westport on my laptop.

  6. Great photo. The railing shadow looks like a crack in the path.