Online Art Gallery #131

A pair of bands (Times Square and klezmer), and 3 overseas water scenes, are part of this week’s online art gallery.

This is your feature. All readers are invited to contribute. Age, level of experience, subject matter — there are no restrictions.

All genres are encouraged. Watercolors, oils, charcoal, pen-and-ink, acrylics, lithographs, macramé, jewelry, sculpture, decoupage and (yes) needlepoint — whatever you’ve got, email it to Share your work with the world!

“Eric 1976” (Eric Bosch)

“Tanzania Great Migration” — Photographer Mike Hibbard says of his subjects: ““If we get across this crocodile-infested river we will have earned our stripes.”

Untitled (Sharon Paulsen)

“Subway Serenade Times Square” (Lawrence Weisman)

“An Old Time Klezmer Band” (Steve Stein)

“From the Aegean in Greece” (Claudia Sherwood Servidio)

“Off the Path” — Montenegro (Nancy Anderson)

“The Last Susan of the Season” (Peter Barlow)

One response to “Online Art Gallery #131

  1. Is “Off the path” a painting or a photograph? Either way, it’s a very appealing artwork.