Roundup: EV Charging, Drywall, Dinosaur …

Standing outside an EV charging station yesterday, Congressman Jim Himes and State Senator Will Haskell lauded Westport for leading efforts in sustainability.

Fresh from congressional passage of a sweeping climate change bill, Himes noted that the new legislation, plus partnerships between public and private sectors like Connecticut-based EV charging company JuiceBar, can have a great impact on carbon reduction.

Congressman Jim Himes discusses Westport’s role in sustainability, at the Westport Library. Also taking part (from left): State Senator Will Haskell, Juice Bar chief strategy officer Paul Vosper, 2nd Selectwoman Andrea Moore, and Library director Bill Harmer.


Jen Ogilvie just bought a house in Westport. But it’s clear she already knows what it means to be part of a community dating back hundreds of years.

She writes: “We’re in the Old Hill area. We were changing a few things, and found this.

“We thought it was sweet, and that the family that did it might want a picture of it, or even see it before we drywall over it again.”

If you’re the family that made this memento, email


Speaking of homes: William Raveis realtors usually drive clients around Westport, showing off the town.

Now they’re looking for bicycle riders and walkers. They invite everyone — longtime residents, newcomers, homeowners, renters, young, old) — to the 2022 Ride + Walk (September 18, Calf Pasture Park, Norwalk.

The event includes two2 bike rides (12 and 24 miles), a 5K walk (or run), and a 100-yard dash for kids.

Sign up as part of the “Way to Go Westport” (as a Westport office participant), or form your own team. Click here to register, and for more details.

All proceeds go directly to the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.


Spotted at Trader Joe’s:

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

Hope he didn’t get a hold of the Sunrise Rotary Club’s Sunny the Duck.


We’ve run some colorful photos for our “Westport … Naturally” feature.

But I’m not sure if there’s ever been one as beautiful as today’s, from Sherwood Island State Park:

(Photo/June Rose Whittaker)


And finally … on this day in 1979, Stephen Biko was arrested at a police roadblock under South Africa’s Terrorism Act. He died from injuries suffered during the arrest. His death brought important attention to the nation’s apartheid policies.

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  1. I can relate to Jen’s story. When I came to Dan’s Compo Beach party a few weeks ago, I stopped by my aunt’s former home on Old Rd. I was talking to the owner and I told him in 1936, my father helped pour the foundation of his house. It had to be done all at once, so they worked from 4:00 am to 10:00 pm that night. He took me down the basement to see and it was a strange feeling knowing that 86 years ago, my 18 year old father helped pour his foundation. I also gave him pictures of the house being built. Also, I have a piece of wood from my grandfather’s farmhouse on Old Rd, and on it is written “ The Quinlan Builders Westport, Ct June 30, 1910”. It was given to me by the owner who redesigned the house a while back. The wood came out of the pantry.

  2. Uh oh! Hope someone warned the person transporting the dinosaur that if it stayed in one place for too long they’d need a long list of approvals & permits from the Town under the definition of “art”.

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