Pics Of The Day #1949

Storm clouds rolled in over Grace Salmon Park. “They produced 4 drops of rain,” says photographer Patricia McMahon.

It was the same last night: Clouds looked like they’d bring much-needed rain. Despite this dramatic scene, they did not … (Photo/Deirdre O’Farrelly)

… and sailors enjoyed a pleasant evening. (Photo/John Videler for Vodeler Photography)

Meanwhile, despite almost no rain, there were rainbows visible throughout Westport. This was over Burritts Landing … (Photo/Lisa Gold)

… and Bedford Middle School … (Photo/Joan Gillman)

… and I-95 from Hillspoint Road … (Photo/Alison Freeland)

… and Terhune and Pumpkin Hill ,,, (Photo/Shira Honigstein)

… and Patagonia … (Photo/Carrie Kuhn)

… and one spot on the Saugatuck River … (Photo/Tom Feeley)

… and another. (Photo/Mia Kirkorsky)

8 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1949

  1. Such wonderful photos! Seeing the rainbow in different spots around town made me smile! Thank you Dan and everyone who sent them!

  2. Jack Backiel

    The rainbow pictures are stunning. Actually, it’s a little known fact that Rainbows don’t weigh much. They’re actually pretty light.

    • Jo Shields Shermsn

      In Coleytown on North Avenue we got a pretty good downpour. A neighbor out walking even asked to take shelter. We sat under the tailgate of my car for a bit, but than retreated to the garage. We were soaked! I gave her an umbrella to take to continue her walk. I think that storm cloud just knew I was out in the driveway emptying and vacuuming cars!

  3. Chuck Greenlee

    “produced 4 drops of rain” so many times in past few months. Does anyone recall during drought summers in the past this phenomenon?? Scary!!
    Chuck Greenlee

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    All of these are worthy of sharing! Beautiful!

  5. Peter Dunham

    Look closely, almost all doubles.

  6. Kathy Laufer

    These photos are lovely.

  7. Mark Bachmann

    There were actually some pretty intense showers in places, but they were of short duration – didn’t do much for the dry vegetation.
    Gorgeous photos though!