Moody Farewell To A Mournful Year

Today’s sullen skies are an apt metaphor for this entire gray year.

But “06880” readers are a hardy bunch. We made the best of what we had, every day. We were thankful for little things — including the chance to live in a place with as much beauty and wonder as Westport.

The final day of 2021 was like so many others here. No matter what else goes on, we are drawn to the beach. It’s a place of wonder, no matter the weather.

Here are today’s scenes, captured by 2 “06880” readers.

Compo Beach bench (Photo/Karen Como)

Compo Beach (Photo/Molly Alger)

Compo jetty (Photo/Molly Alger)

Schlaet’s Point (Photo/Molly Alger)

Hillspoint Road (Photo/Molly Alger)

Sherwood mill Pond (Photo/Molly Alger)

Optimism! (Photo/Karen Como)

3 responses to “Moody Farewell To A Mournful Year

  1. An excellent collection of photos .
    ADW Staples 1956

  2. What’s the water temperature?

  3. You nailed it, Kemosabe. 2022 not 2020, too.

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