“06880” Podcast: Fire Chief Robert Yost

Westport Fire Chief Robert Yost is one of Westport’s most interesting public officials.

His department puts out blazes, sure. But they do much more. They respond to accidents, conduct inspections, even check on elderly residents and advise first-time homeowners how to use their fireplaces (pro tip: open the flue!).

The chief also oversees the town’s entire Emergency Management Team. Judging from our recent hurricanes, superstorms, floods and blizzards, that’s a full-time job itself.

Did Yost have a burning desire (ho ho) to become a fire chief? How has Westport — and firefighting — changed since he joined the department? What’s a typical day in his life like?

We talked about all that recently, at the Westport Library. Now you can watch our conversation (below).

When you’re done, I bet you’ll never think of our (amazing) Fire Department the same way again.


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