Roundup: Mumbai Times, Unitarian Church, Blue Moon …


The new year will be only 2 days old when Mumbai Times closes.

The popular Indian restaurant has lost its lease. Next Sunday (January 2) is their last day at that location, next to Mitchells.

The owners hope to open as soon as possible, in a location nearby. Until then, they invite diners to visit Mumbai Times in Cos Cob, or Dhabewala Indian Shack in Stamford.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your love and support over the years,” they say. “It’s been a pleasure to serve you.” (Hat tip: Neil Markman)


A couple of days late, but absolutely worth waiting for: A photo montage of the Unitarian Church congregation and choir, at Christmas Eve services.

It’s as beautiful online on December 27 as it was live, on the 24th!

(Photo/David Vita)


Von Lee was a stay-at-home mom, with 3 children. But her husband’s illness spurred her to think about finding paying work.

It was a daunting challenge, but she rose to it. She found Blue Moon, a nationwide estate sale franchise company.

She now owns Blue Moon Estate Sales Gold Coast, covering this area. She’s found a talent for helping families at a stressful time: older clients who are downsizing, and family members who must dispose of their parents’ homes. As she works, she asks clients to tell her about various items. Knowing the back story helps ease the process, she finds.

Lee sells everything from “one spoon to the whole cupboard.” Families amass plenty of items. She hates to see any of it go to dumpsters or landfill.

She’s thorough. She recently found an envelope in a drawer. Inside was a ring. Her client was thrilled. She’d given it up for lost, long ago.

Von Lee


This pair made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas unscathed. They’re hanging out on Weston Road, posing for “Westport … Naturally,” and ready for New Year’s.

(Photo/Maida Webster)


And finally … on this day in 1983 Walter Scott — the front man of Bob Kuban and the In-Men — was shot in the back and left floating in a cistern. His body was not found until 4 years later. His wife’s lover was eventually found guilty of murder, and Scott’s wife was sentenced to 5 years in prison for hindering the prosecution.

Ironically, Scott had been the lead singer on the band’s biggest hit:



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  1. Too bad about Mumbai. Assuming they do move to another spot in Westport they’ll have to spend a fortune on equipment and renovations only to have another miserable landlord squeeze them out a few years down the road.

  2. chip stephens SHS 73

    Thanks Dan for the Simon and Garfunkel Boxer Clip
    Sometime in the 70’s I was in Klein’s Record Department and listened to Sally go on about a concert she saw one night with the duo, her description had us mesmerized and so when I had the chance to see the Central Park Concert I was there, beyond magical, beyond description
    Thank you Sally where ever you are up there