Roundup: COVID Testing, GFA Holiday …


A few weeks ago, I wondered how long the Same Day Health COVID testing clinic near Fortuna’s would stay in business.

Now I know: Quite a while longer.

A reader wrote last night: “After receiving the superintendent of schools’ COVID update (and knowing 2 of my own fully vaccinated children were part of that number), I thought this photo was relevant — and so sad that here we are again.

“I’ve been to Same Day Health every day this week (and luckily continue to test negative) — but today there was a line! Evan, Diego and Nadeen (we are on first name basis now, because of my frequency) said each day is busier than the previous one. Thank goodness they are kind and patient souls.

“I’m scared what January will bring — even for the fully vaccinated and boosted.”


On a lighter note, Greens Farms Academy head Bob Whelan strikes again.

He’s already internet famous for 2 snow day announcements (click here and here).

Now he’s produced a holiday video that will be the gold standard for all educators, everywhere. Click below, smile — and give thanks for educators like Bob!


We’re always looking for “Westport … Naturally” firsts. Here’s our premiere mushroom photo. It’s from the Weston Road/Main Street area. Is there anything that doesn’t grow here?

(Photo/Joan Battino)


And finally … tomorrow is the shortest day of the year. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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  1. LOL — loved the GFA video — Love Actually spoof, my fav holiday movie!😉 Smiling!

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