P&Z Chair: Let’s Talk About Trees

Westport Planning & Zoning Commission chair Danielle Dobin noted this morning’s “06880” story on trees with interest. She writes:

Westport does not have regulations protecting mature trees. However, the P&Z — via its Regulations Revision Subcommittee — is working to change this.

The Subcommittee met on this issue in early December. They’re drafting a regulation to protect mature trees in the setbacks, stop the wholesale clear cutting of properties, and ensure that when mature trees are removed, new trees are planted.

Provisions will be made for immediate removal of a tree if there is a safety issue.

The Regulations Revision Subcommittee will take this up again in January. I hope interested residents, and builders, will join the conversation

Click here for a Westport News story about the early December meeting.

Trees cut on Prospect Road, in preparation for a new house.

In other tree news, Westport Journal reports that tree warden Bruce Lindsay will be replaced on January 1 by Ben Sykas. Click here for the full story.

5 responses to “P&Z Chair: Let’s Talk About Trees

  1. Bruce Fernie SHS 1970

    Westport has a tree warden BUT does not have regulations concerning trees…
    What does the tree warden do then?

  2. Cornelia Fortier

    So happy this is finally on the table. Too late for the more than twenty trees just cut down next door to us, unfortunately.

  3. Richard Johnson

    I think it’s pretty significant that Westport “had” a tree warden who decamped to Vermont and apparently stopped actually doing his job. (Last I checked we paid the tree warden $100k+ a year.) I would really like to see more coverage on this important issue and potential misuse of public funds.

  4. Michelle Fracasso

    I hope that Weston is paying attention to this issue. We have a similar problem with clear cutting. Cutting down mature trees hurts the biodiversity they support and impacts water management and air quality.

  5. Michelle Fracasso

    Thank you for covering this important topic.