Photo Challenge #340

There’s at least one good thing about the traffic clogging Saugatuck: It gives drivers the chance to admire the fence in front of the home next to the VFW, on Riverside Avenue near the intersection with Saugatuck Avenue and Treadwell.

That intricate, whimsical fence — designed by Andrew Hamilton Reise — was the subject of last week’s Photo Challenge. (Click here to see.)

Tons of readers quickly identified it. They also noted the owners: Pietro and Janine Scotti. He’s the owner/chef of the former and still beloved Da Pietro’s restaurant, just down Riverside (and across the street) closer to town.

Janine reports that he’s “cooking up a storm” now at Vieste in Newport. It’s not that far! Just hop on I-95, a few yards away from the Scottis’ funky fence 🙂

Congratulations to Gerald F. Romano, Darcy Sledge, Nancy Wilson, Leslie Flinn, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, David Waldman, Karen Como, Arthur Hayes, Pat Saviano, Wendy  Cusick, Seth Braunstein, Michael Calise, Soodie Farley, Jamie Walsh, Maria Funicello, Jonathan McClure, Pete Powell and Melisa Didio. You all know that great fences make wonderful neighbors.

What about big wooden doors? If you know where in Westport you’d see this week’s Photo Challenge, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Mark Jacobs)

17 responses to “Photo Challenge #340

  1. Bobbie Herman

    Next to the Saugatuck RR station parking lot?

  2. Emily Mikesell

    Willowbrook cemetery, by the turnaround. Have walked dogs around here — it’s a good place to find a chipmunk to track. 🙂

  3. Seth Schachter

    Maybe willowbrook cemetery????

  4. Fred Cantor

    Beachside Ave?

  5. Andrew Colabella

    Willow Brook cemetery

  6. Will Gibson

    Right across from the Northbound / Eastbound side of the Westport train station on Ferry Lane

  7. Willowbrook.

  8. Yes, it is Willowbrook cemetery. I probably would have said the train station, by Stony Point Road, if I didn’t know the right answer!

  9. Willowbrook cemetery

  10. Michelle S Saunders

    Mausoleum in front of Willowbrook Cemetery.

  11. Alina Rodescu-Pitchon

    Ferry Lane, across from the train station.

  12. Willow Brook Cemetery, eastern end of the front roadway that parallels Main Street

  13. Peggy Monsarrat

    Across from the eastbound RR Tacts

  14. Peter Swift

    Willow Brook Cementry

  15. Cheryl McKenna

    Across from RR eastbound rail station

  16. Jeff Mitchell

    Twilight Zone. Was walking by that building today thinking it would make a good mystery photo. I also noticed the crypt across the access road in front of it surrounded by a large iron post fence. The small sign on it read Golden Shadows which I assume refers to the von Langendorff family that owned the Barons South mansion by that name. Was wondering if this mystery structure were related.

  17. Carissa Simon Baker

    Yup. I remember that at Willowbrook Cemetary. Hate to admit we played about there as kids.