Photo Challenge #339

I whiz by the site of last Sunday’s Photo Challenge often. I never see it.

Then again, I time my Staples High School comings and goings so I’m not stuck in the early morning and/or mid-afternoon crawl through the secondary (south) entrance, on North Avenue.

That’s the narrow lane with the unmarked speed hump and the stop sign hidden by leaves.

If you wait there, you probably have time to look around. And notice the door in the fence that allows access to and from Willow Walk.

Amy Swanson, Andrew Colabella and Jonathan McClure — 3 Photo Challenge regulars — knew exactly what Seth Schachter’s shot showed. (Click here to see.)

Now the question is: Has anyone ever actually used the gate?

This week, we continue with the Seth Schachter-shots-of-wooden-fences-we-pass-every-day theme. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

25 responses to “Photo Challenge #339

  1. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    This fence is North of the VFW on the right side of the road and the property is for sale.
    Gerald Romano

    • Darcy Sledge

      Home of the chef of former Da Pietro’s restaurant . I always loved that place , but wish him well.

  2. Nancy Wilson

    The Scotti’s house on riverside next to knights of Columbus

  3. John Richers

    I would have guessed Wakeman Town Farm.

  4. Leslie Flinn

    Saugatuck Avenue, east side of the street! I no longer live in Westport but I have a picture of that fence in my house! ❤️

    • Janine Scotti

      That is so cool Leslie, I will make sure I’ll do the same and have it as a keepsake. Post your photo.

  5. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    On Riverside Avenue, near the VFW.

  6. David A. Waldman

    House next to the VFW on Riverside

  7. Definitely the scotti’s fence on riverside.

  8. Arthur Hayes

    Riverside Avenue. I think that’s the house of the owner of Da Pietro’s.

  9. Yes it’s the ‘popsicle stick’ fence in front of the house next to the VFW on Riverside.

  10. Wendy Cusick

    447 Riverside Ave a couple doors up from the VFW near the 3 way intersection of Treadwell, Riverside and Saugatuck Ave.
    I found out details about this property a couple of months ago when it popped in my news feed of local area properties for sale.
    The property has a 1880 house on a level one acre of waterfront land with room to build another house on the property or remodel the 1880 house with rare deeded boat dock to Saugatuck River.
    I found the actual listing for all to see the real estate ad and all the pictures of the property. It’s under contract pending sale at $1.895,000.00.

  11. Seth Braunstein

    Riverside Ave, kind of opposite Treadwell and next to the VFW

  12. Michael Calise

    Pietro & Janine Scotti
    Riverside Avenue. Beautiful Fence!

  13. Soodie Farley

    I even know that fence, It makes gtg stuck at that light on way back into NYC worth the wait. whoever did that fence really up’d the fence-standard.

  14. Jamie Walsh

    I can even name the amazing artist who built it…Andrew Hamilton Reise. He is an amazingly gifted artist,

  15. Jamie Walsh

    The fence was made by an incredibly talented local artist named Andrew Hamilton Reise.

  16. Maria Funicello

    Riverside Avenue, by the VFW.

  17. Jonathan McClure

    Next to VFW on Riverside Ave

  18. Pete Powell

    Riverside Ave near VFW

  19. Amazing how many people know this. Correct: Riverside Avenue, near the VFW. Well done!

  20. Janine Scotti

    Yes, my old friend Andy made that for us as a gift. Kept our kids from running out on the road. Right after it was built we go a hate letter from someone who didn’t like it, but Andy got another fence gig in fairfield from this. Andy’s talents are unique and creative. It has always been easy for people to find us, I just say the funky fence. PS We aren’t moving out of Westport, but you can find Pietro cooking up a storm at Vieste in Newport RI.

  21. Melisa Didio

    Jeanine and Pietro Scotti’s home.

  22. Andrew Hamilton Reiss

    The fence was certainly a pleasure building. Happy to hear it has been enjoyed and kept the kids safe. Any current happenings can be seen on my Facebook page- Andrew Hamilton Reiss. Gracias a todos

  23. Andrew Hamilton Reiss

    Thanks J9 for passing this on to me