Hundreds Rally In Support Of Asian-Americans

Eloquent, heartfelt speeches — from a US Senator, Asian-American elected officials, Westport politicians and parents, and Staples High School students — highlighted this morning’s rally at Jesup Green.

A crowd of about 500 — Asian-Americans, white and black; longtime residents and newcomers; senior citizens, toddlers and everyone in between — held signs, wore t-shirts, and joined together to condemn violence against the AAPI community.

Behind the Jesup Green crowd, a flag flew at half staff in memory of Asian-Americans killed last week in Atlanta.

State Attorney General William Tong and State Senator Tony Hwang described their own experiences as children of immigrants, and blasted myths like “the model minority.”

State Senator Tony Hwang, 1st Selectman Jim Marpe, State Representative Jonathan Steinberg.

US Senator Richard Blumenthal noted that his own father arrived in the US alone, at 17, and believed, like so many others, in the American Dream. He said that he and a Republican colleague will introduce a “No Hate Act” next week, adding — in a nod to the diverse crowd — that “this is what America should look like.”

Senator Richard Blumenthal addresses the crowd.

Staples students Jacob Lee, Anya Nair, Gary Lu and Carrie Everett, plus college student Minnie Seo and parent Rosie Jon, spoke honestly about their own lives too.

A contingent of Staples students spoke eloquently.

It was a powerful outpouring of support. But — as several speakers noted — much more remains to be done.

Vijay and Kerstin Rao.

TEAM Westport chair Harold Bailey spoke. His wife, TEAM Westport member Bernicestine McLeod Bailey, was at the rally too.

Rally organizer Sarin Cheung (left) and Westport artist Rosie Jon both spoke.

There were many young people at the rally.

A small part of the large crowd.

(All photos/Dan Woog)


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  3. Vanessa Bradford

    Yes Dan. Happy birthday!🤫 You rock!

  4. Yes to Westporters for their enthusiastic support for all populations. A suggestion: These groups are Asian-Americans (and) Pacific Islanders. They are not AAPIs. They are Black, Indigenous (and) People of Color. they are not BIPOCs

    • Mara Gottlieb

      It would actually be more accurate for all concerned if we just wrote, “Stop white terrorism.”

  5. Mark Friedman

    Heartfelt gratitude to the organizers, students, and elected officials who brought this together. As we continue our work towards a more civil, just & harmonious society, today’s event will serve as an inspiring touch point.