Roundup: Beach Access, Play In Hand, Pesach …


A bill that would have banned municipalities from imposing high fees that might restrict non-residents from using public beaches — and from barring out-of-towners in order to prevent the spread of COVID — will not come up for a vote in the state legislature.

Politicians are spending their time on 2 other controversial measures — zoning reform and affordable housing — instead. The deadline for moving bills out of committee is April 5.

Click here for a full Norwalk Hour report.

Westport Parks & Recreation staff collect fees from non-residents.


Speaking of our Parks & Recreation … they say:

“It has been nice to see so many people out using our facilities as the weather has improved, including some people using the Longshore golf course as an open space for walking. As of Monday (March 29), it will be open for play, and no longer available for those not actively playing golf.

“Please keep in mind, even using the roadways through Longshore can be dangerous as errant golf balls can cause serious injury or damage. For your safety, we urge you to use other locations for getting outside.”

Even with social distancing, Longshore golf course is off limits. (Photo/Mary Sikorski)


Westport Country Playhouse’s popular “Script in Hand” series returns next month, with a virtual play reading of “Rent Control.” The Off-Broadway hit comedy tells the true story of a struggling-to-survive New York actor who invents a moneymaking scheme that (of course) backfires.

After premiering April 26 (7 p.m.), “Rent Control” is available on demand from April 27 through May 2.

Virtual tickets are available online, at 203-227-4177, or by email:


Happy Passover — chag Pesach samech — to all who will celebrate tonight.

Gold’s was hopping yesterday. Here is a small part of the large crowd of people (and dogs), waiting to pick up food for the Seder.

(Photo/June Rose Whittaker)


Meanwhile, we never get tired of these horses-at-Sherwood Island photos:

(Photo/Mandy Cummings)


And finally … Larry McMurtry died on Thursday in Texas. He was 84.

He was a novelist, not a musician. But when he and Peter Bogdanovich adapted his novel “The Last Picture Show” into a movie, the soundtrack included a number of Hank Williams’ songs.

It’s still one of my favorite films of all time. And I’ve been a Hank Williams fan ever since.

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  1. Kempton Coady

    Dan, Great to see you at the Y yesterday. I have really enjoyed your Posts during the Pandemic. A positive suggestion for you is to make your Donate message more obvious. Bring it up front on the Website. I really had to hunt for it to donate. Kemp

    • And/or … you could even post a pitch in September, on your half-birthday, as well!
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  2. Caryl Beatus


  3. Thomas Neilly

    Larry McMurtry also wrote Lonesome Dove, a great book that chronicled the efforts of two old cowboys who wanted to see the open spaces and indigenous inhabitants of the West before they were gone.

  4. Happy birthday, Dan!

  5. Peter Gambaccini

    For my college class newsletter, I was recently asked to name the movie that had played at the little theater in town in our four years there that had the greatest and most lasting effect on me. I didn’t even hesitate before answering “The Last Picture Show,” For all manner of reasons, but mainly for what it taught me about storytelling, for which McMurtry is owed the largest debt. Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday.

    • Thanks, Peter, for the b’day wishes. As for “Last Picture Show”: that, and “Stand By Me,” are my favorite coming-of-age movies. Classic, timeless, brilliant.