Friday Flashback #236

“06880” recently took a deep dive into local artists.

We ran a contest to identify the creator of a work — perhaps an ad or magazine illustration — that Alan Neigher unearthed.

We posted automobile advertising art that used Pack Roads and Main Street as backdrops.

This week we feature one of Westport’s — and America’s — best known illustrators.

Stevan Dohanos drew some of Saturday Evening Post‘s most memorable covers. (Along with postage stamps, commissions and plenty else.)

Much of his work included Westport scenes. A favorite model was his son Anthony.

Anthony lives far from here now. From the Big Island of Hawaii, he sent these reminders of his father’s work.

This was the old firehouse on Church Lane. In the 1970s it became part of the YMCA, when they expanded from the original building. Today — reimagined — it’s part of Bedford Square.

That’s Stevan Dohanos himself in the center, talking with firefighters. Check out the Dalmatian between them.

Here’s Anthony in the firetruck. Looking on with smiles are Dohanos, and Fire Chief Harold Shippey.

But life is not all fun and games. When the alarm comes in, the men race to the fire. The dog must stay behind.

Note the realistic map of Westport on the wall!

3 responses to “Friday Flashback #236

  1. I saw one of his dad’s works at Cooperstown!

  2. Wow, Harold Shippey is a name I hadn’t heard in a long time.

    And what a terrific piece of Westport history here with the pic of Stevan Dohanos at the firehouse and seeing the origin of these artistic works. Two thumbs up!

  3. Check out the fantastic abstract Artist Ayn Kraven who lived in Westport for 25 years up until last June and has a studio in Bridgeport