Identify The Artist. Win A Prize!

Alan Neigher is a noted Westport attorney.

His father Harry was well known too: a columnist, reporter, illustrator and cartoonist for the Bridgeport Sunday Herald from 1932 until it closed in 1974.

Harry was friendly with many area illustrators, including Steven Dohanos,  Harold Von Schmidt, Amos Sewall and R.L. Lambdin.

The other day, while exploring boxes of his dad’s memorabilia, Alan uncovered an unsigned pastel drawing.

He believes it was done for a high-end magazine, for either a jewelry ad or to illustrate a story. The colors are still vivid; the imagery, strong.

Alan would love to know the artist. And he’s offering a prize to find out.

If anyone — artist, relative, art collector, dealer, academic or anyone else — can identify the illustrator, Alan will donate $250 to your favorite charity or non-profit organization (“Fairfield County if possible,” Alan says.

Just email both of us:, and Deadline is Tuesday, March 16.

And if you know any details about the artwork, let us know too.

2 responses to “Identify The Artist. Win A Prize!

  1. Kathie Bennewitz

    Great idea! Wow… challenge of the day! Maybe a new series Dan!!

    • Ellen Dale Naftalin

      Kathie, I was thinking the same thing. A new series. Also I was thinking you might be the person who would know the unsigned artist.