Pic Of The Day #1401

Self-portrait at Old Mill Beach with Levon (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1401

  1. Hey Dan – in 1400 Pics-of-the-Day is this the first time there’s been a self-portrait? And a good one too! Maybe it would be fun to see what ALL the regulars look like. And without masks too.

  2. I’m most impressed you knew this was the first self-portrait. 06880 Stats!

  3. She is beautiful and so is Levon!
    Two jewels, GREAT shot!

  4. Patricia is awesome and Levon is one very good man!

  5. Patricia McMahon

    When Dan saw this image on my IG post and requested to use it and who the photographer was, i said this was my first attempt finally figuring out how to use my self timer on my fancy iPhone . Ha!! The cloud formation was incredible that day and although not executed to its striking beauty we got a fun shot out of it. Levon is the best sport ever and always photo ready .
    Dan, i like that you called this a self portrait instead of a selfie .. classes it up!
    Good morning Deej☕️