Stolen Car, Attempted Robbery Shake Westport

Two crimes in less than 14 hours have jarred Westporters.

At approximately 8:05 a.m. yesterday (Monday), Westport Police received a report of a vehicle stolen from the Post Road East Exxon gas station, near Maple Avenue South. The operator of the 2019 Honda Pilot was paying for gas inside the when his car was stolen from the pump.

Post Road Exxon: Scene of the car theft.

A short time later, Westport Police located the stolen vehicle near Turkey Hill Road and Post Road East. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle but disengaged due to the suspect’s reckless driving and high speeds.

Minutes later, at approximately 8:12 a.m., a Fairfield Police detective came upon a motor vehicle crash involving the stolen vehicle at the intersection of Post Road and Jelliff Lane in that town.

The gray Honda Pilot rolled over and came to a stop. The driver, later identified as a juvenile male from Bridgeport, was ejected from the vehicle and suffered serious injuries. Fairfield Police and fire personnel provided emergency medical care at the scene. He was taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center, where he died.

The Fairfield Police Crash Investigation Unit is conducting an investigation and reconstruction of the crash, while the Westport Police Department continues to investigate the stolen vehicle incident. Initial data indicates the suspect vehicle was traveling 99 miles per hour 5 seconds before the crash occurred.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has additional information should call Westport Police: 203-341-6000.

The day before — approximately 6:30 p.m. Sunday — Westport officers responded to Walgreens, on a report of an attempted robbery.

Walgreens: Scene of an attempted robbery.

The victim had finished purchasing some items. As she was about to enter her vehicle a Toyota Rav 4, which had been reported stolen from the city of Norwalk earlier that day, backed into the parking space next to her car.

Two males exited the Toyota, approached the victim, and threatened to harm her if she did not turn over her keys and other personal property.

When the victim did not comply, the men rifled through her pockets. A third man came out of Walgreens, and got in the car.

Unable to locate her keys or any other items of value, the suspects fled toward I-95. The victim was uninjured.

15 responses to “Stolen Car, Attempted Robbery Shake Westport

  1. Is that Walgreens the old State Police barracks? If so, the connector is right there. What a shame about both instances. I believe the Exxon station was once Backiels Roadside Stand, on the corner of South Maple Avenue, up until maybe 1956. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Your right on both accounts Jack. Was it Betty and Adolph Backiel for the roadside stand? And didn’t they have gas pumps?

  2. I read there was a very similar incident in a CVS parking lot in Greenwich about 30 minutes before the Walgreens event. Sounded like a very similar situation.

  3. Bob, It was Ann, and Adolph, and there was no gas. It was mostly fresh vegetables from the farm. They sold cigarettes, candy and some groceries.

  4. Keep your doors locked. Valuables out of sight. Situational awareness. Pepper Spray. And for those that can handle it, 2A. Of course, the latter, a last resort for when life & limb is in danger.

    • Josh I’m afraid I must agree with you on 2A. It is indeed a last resort but a citizens’ right if you are qualified. Any citizen has a right to defend themselves. Our town should not be shit on again

  5. Bob, You are right! There were gas pumps. I forgot.

  6. Bob Weingarten

    Dan, thanks for posting this information. It is important that Westport residents are told about these situations. We should all be aware of our surroundings and keep an eye out for trouble. I’m glad that the person in the Walgreen lot was not hurt and I’m sure that the police will find the three guys – at least I hope.

  7. Yes pretty good advice not to leave your keys in the car when you leave for even one second. But ALSO good advice to always comply with a robber’s demands for property. Hey. what’s the tragedy of having your stuff stolen, vs. being shot or stabbed! Finally given today’s incredibly brazen crop of juvenile delinquents — no doubt emboldened by the near certainty that, if caught, they will be almost immediately be released — why don’t our local police stake out these busy Post Road parking lots…and even put some cameras there?

    • Cameras arent going to do much of anything unfortunately.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      That Exxon station has a ton of cameras already and I see police frequently in the lot across the street (the old Blockbuster, Big & Tall store.) It was one of the unlucky moments when they weren’t there.

      Unlocked cars, frequently left running, are not uncommon at gas station pumps. These kids saw an opportunity and took it. Unfortunately these choices cost the 14 year old child his life.

  8. What is 2A? (almost afraid to ask….)

  9. Oops, silly me – 2A is the second amendment.

  10. So sad. Desperate people do desperate things (did you see today’s WaPo piece on the numerous low-wage jobs that aren’t coming back post pandemic?). And while all this shakes out, we’ve got the personal conundrum of whether to park near a store (hoping to enjoy safety in numbers should anyone attempt anything scary) or to park farther away (hoping to avoid any errant bullets fired by citizens wanting to protect their belongings).