Cathy Walsh’s Westport

After 30 years in town, Cathy Walsh knows Westport.

But despite all that time — and her long service on the Planning & Zoning Commission — it took a pandemic for her to really appreciate the things she sees every day.

For the past 9 months, Cathy has walked all over town. The day after Thanksgiving she did a 7 1/2-mile loop to Burying Hill Beach. The next day she took her regular 6 1/2-mile neighborhood walk.

Like many other Westporters, COVID helped Cathy see Westport through new eyes.

Unlike many others, Cathy stopped along the way to take photos. Here are some scenes from last week’s walks.

Burying Hill Beach jetty.

Burying Hill tidal creek.

Nyala Farm.

Greens Farms Church cemetery.

Saugatuck River, behind Belden Place.

Parker Harding Plaza footbridge.

Canoeing on the Saugatuck River, downtown.

Saugatuck River west bank, behind Arezzo.

Riverside Avenue walkway.

Rive Bistro restaurant.

Saugatuck River, looking north.

William F. Cribari Bridge, and Bridge Square.

Seahorse in Saugatuck. (Photos/Cathy Walsh)

Even during a crisis, Westport is beautiful. Thanks, Cathy, for helping us notice so much we don’t always see.

15 responses to “Cathy Walsh’s Westport

  1. Steven Tanzer

    Great post Dan. Awesome pictures of a beautiful town!

  2. Cathy is another local hero. Both in her service “official” service to the town and as a friend to many of us.
    Photos are all terrific and show Westport from vantage points most of us never take the time to see.

  3. What a wonderful eye to capture the beauty of our Very special community

  4. Michael Calise

    Very nice pictures, Cathy’s love for Westport and her magnanimous tutelage of its development is evident in all that she does. We are very fortunate to have her and her service to our town.

  5. Cathy is a special lady! Loved seeing our beautiful Westport through her eyes.

  6. Cathy, well done. You have a good eye for the town’s character and beauty. Ken Bernhard

  7. No more dedicated Westporter

  8. Cathy, these are terrific, thanks.

  9. Cathy! Now I know why you were walking slowly behind me!!! WHAT GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!! Midge

  10. Cathy, These are beautiful photos and great representations of our lovely town.

  11. Danielle Dobin

    Beautiful photos, Cathy!

  12. You’re all too kind. It was a lot of fun and there are only 125 more photos of those two days. I blew up Dan’s computer.

    Yes Midge, this is exactly why I was walking so slow.

  13. Beautiful pics! Brava! 👏👏👏

  14. On her watch heading the P&Z we got to hear how she protected Westport.
    Now we get to see what she was protecting. Beautiful. Thank You Cathy.