Michele Sinacore Makes Arrangements For Winter

We’ll miss a lot this holiday season: Family. Friends. Fun.

But we can still have flowers.

Brightly colored, lovingly arranged and fresh smelling, bouquets lift the lowest spirits. Michele Sinacore makes sure we all enjoy those ephemeral joys.

Michele Sinacore (Photo/Tamira Wilcox)

The Westport mom (and former Ironman triathlete) spent many years as a New York event producer, for clients like ESPN, Yahoo and the NBA. Four years ago — after her 2nd child was born — she pivoted, and went to floral school.

A year ago, Michele started Blossom + Stem Floral Design at home. Working on weddings, events and corporate projects, and offering custom arrangements, classes and consulting, she was looking for studio space when the pandemic hit.

For 8 weeks, Michele was frozen. She could not find fresh flowers anywhere.

But floral designers around the world formed an online community. They shared sources. advice and encouragement.

Michele took classes. She learned new skills, networked, and gained confidence.

She branched out into staging and personal bouquets. Her flowers brightened an otherwise dark time.

It’s the nature of the business to have extra flowers. One day Michele took a bouquet to Joey’s by the Shore, not far from her home. Did they want fresh flowers? she asked.

Did they ever!

Soon, Michele was delivering bouquets — free — all over town. Manna Toast, Kneads, Shearwater Coffee, Restore Cryotherapy, the Fire Department after Tropical Storm Isaias — all received her gifts.

Arrangement by Michele Sinacore. (Photo/Melani Lust)

Last week she partnered with a new group, Design Port, and awarded a very appreciative mom a bouquet as part of “Fresh Flower Friday.”

Michele continues to seek out recipients for her extra flowers. She’s busy now with holiday bouquets, Thanksgiving tablescape decor, and virtual make-your-own wreath and arranging classes. Customers get a box of fresh florals and supplies delivered to their door, then learn techniques.

“Flowers make people happy,” Michele says. “As a mom, I have a lot of empathy for what people are going through. I’m grateful to be doing what I love, and be part of the community. It’s so important now to feel good.”

Westporters know: This will be a long, dark winter. In its midst, Michele Sinacore will bring color and light to our lives.

(To learn more, click here or email hello@blossomstem.com.)

6 responses to “Michele Sinacore Makes Arrangements For Winter

  1. I have received some of Michele’s gorgeous flowers. She is so talented and so deserving of this support. Congratulations, Michele!

  2. This is awesome – and so is Michele!! Congrats, Michele!!

  3. Way to go Michele! So much talent!

  4. Christine Meiers Schatz

    Michele’s arrangements are beautiful and the best part is that she’s an even more beautiful and incredible human. I couldn’t recommend her services more!

  5. Victoria Capozzi

    Michele, please can you tell me where you went to floral school?

  6. Super woman!!! And the photographer is not only our neighbor but also a super woman as well. Tamira Wilcox.