Roundup: Maine, Save Cockenoe Now, Melissa Joan Hart, More

Who doesn’t love Maine?

Tom Kretsch sure does. The longtime Westport photographer has just published “Touching Maine.” The hard-cover book’s 93 pages of images and text capture the essence of that special state: its water, rocks, fog, islands, structures, dinghies and abstract impressions.

A signed copy is $50. For $100, you’ll get a signed copy plus one of the 8×10 prints shown below. Email, or call 203-644-4518.

Lindsay Shurman is searching for a holiday gift for her husband. And she needs “06880” readers’ help.

She wants to give him Walter Einsel’s iconic “Save Cockenoe Now” poster (below). Back in the 1960s, it was everywhere — and played a role in the town’s purchase of the island off Compo Beach, saving it from becoming a nuclear power plant (!).

A few are still floating around. But The Flat sold the one they had. And Lindsay just lost a Westport Auction bidding war.

“Any idea where I may find an original?” she asks.

“Maybe someone is willing to part with it for a price. Or a donation made in their name to a favorite cause. I could even settle for a reproduction. I just need an original to scan.

“Any help would be so appreciated. I’m obsessed with this poster, and gifting it to my husband this holiday season!”

If you’ve got a lead, email And sssshhhh …  don’t tell her husband!

Melissa Joan Hart has been very busy lately.

The Westport resident produced, directed and starred in 3 new Lifetime holiday films.

“Feliz NaviDAD” — yes, the name of the classic song by Westonite Jose Feliciano — premiered Saturday. “Dear Christmas,” with James Priestley, airs this Friday (November 27, 8 p.m.). “Once Upon a Main Street” follows on Sunday (November 27, 8 p.m.). (Hat tip: Dick Lowenstein, via Connecticut Post)

Jason Priestley and Melissa Joan Hart, in “Dear Christmas.”

Distance education isn’t new to Taylor Harrington. The 2015 Staples High School graduate works at Akimbo, a company that creates online learning experiences.

The pandemic — as awful as it is — has created opportunities. Taylor and her team saw a chance to help young people looking to grow.

They created The Emerging Leaders Program, a free, 5-day online workshop for people ages 16-25,looking to make a difference in the world .

The first 2 sessions were powerful. The next is set for January 4-8. Young leaders — or anyone knowing one — can click here for details. Applications close December 1.

Taylor Harrington

And finally … back in 1961, teenagers were doing (supposedly) the “Bristol Stomp.” Len Barry, lead singer of the Dovells — the band with that hit — died earlier this month, at 78. Four years later, he had another smash with “1-2-3.”

7 responses to “Roundup: Maine, Save Cockenoe Now, Melissa Joan Hart, More

  1. Holy cow! “The Bristol Stomp” is the first 45 I ever bought (fall of third grade)—and I still have that record (which I’m sure comes as no surprise to Margaret H.).

    I don’t think I ever knew that Len Barry was part of the Dovells. Always glad to learn new factoids from Dan’s College of Musical Knowledge.

    • Cameo-Parkway record label I recall

      • The label on the 45 itself was “Parkway Records” but you are absolutely right that it was part of the Cameo-Parkway record label. You have an excellent memory.

        • Back in the day I had a friend who memorized the time duration of every 45 in his collection. No he wasn’t autistic, just obsessed. He aspired to be an AM disc jock.

  2. As one of the team that worked with Jo Fox Brosius in “Saving Cockenoe Now”, I do have one of the original posters in my home. It not only reminds me of the all-consuming town-wide action of 51-years ago, but it also is a warm touch of brightness and whimsical design. A happy reminder of a desperate situation in Westport history!

  3. Lindsay Shurman

    Well, all’s well that ends well in Westport this eve… What an outpouring of kindness and community to start this bizarre holiday season! Thanks, as always, to 06880, and all of those that have reached out and been so generous!

  4. I am pleased to say that the Westport Public Art Collections has two copies of the original “Save Cockenoe Now” poster — one came from the Einsels’ estate and a second, signed by her, was donated by Naiad herself. You can see this one in person right now, at MoCAWestport in the amazing “World Peace” exhibition!