They Don’t Call It Burying “Hill” For Nothing

In the 11 years I’ve been posting pictures of entitled drivers — aka “stupid parking tricks” — I’ve seen plenty of things that make me shake my head.

But every one of them involved a parking lot. Or at least, something lot-related nearby (think: sidewalks).

What Chris Grimm saw yesterday put 11 years of entitled drivers to shame.

(Photo/Chris Grimm)

This woman — who in the photo sits merrily inside her car — simply zipped through both the Burying Hill Beach parking lot and the walking path gate, then created a new parking spot.

Hey, you can’t beat the view!

The good news: At least she’s wearing a mask.

27 responses to “They Don’t Call It Burying “Hill” For Nothing

  1. Wow, what a coincidence: I rode my bike up to that very spot yesterday, but either before or after the lady in the white SUV. Regardless of this little intrusion, it was a beautiful day to be out by the water.

  2. …But this is Westport! the Capital of entitlement.
    Here there is the only rule; if i thought of it i must be right.

  3. Dan. Its a 2020 thing!!! Give her an A for creativity!!

  4. Wow! You can’t make this stuff up! And to think she could have walked up and sat at the picnic table that she parked beside. Same view.

  5. Just amazing !!!

  6. Beth, WOW.. what a novel idea… walking, exercise.. on a gorgeous day.

  7. A picture being worth 1,000 words, that is a clear definition of “chutzpah.”

  8. Dan,
    We need photos of these morons.! Im sure they families and friends would like to see who they are

  9. Brings bizarre parking to a whole new level.

  10. Dan you are right, this tops them all. The bar had been set at a new level.

  11. Ellen Dale Naftalin

    Talk about lazy.

  12. Patricia McMahon

    What a shame the fence is there. It’s obstructing her view .
    This one is priceless Dan!!!

  13. In the immortal words of the TV character Frank Romano: Holy cr–p

  14. Much more interesting and worthwhile post had the photographer asked the women what SHE had been thinking when she decided to violate public space, pubic trust and public greenery.

  15. Maybe she thought the picnic table was a drive-thru?

  16. David A. Greenberg

    Maybe she intended to keep going and your presence stopped her.

  17. Prolly a Chosen one Westport is full of them

    • If you’re implying what I think you’re implying, you can take your antisemitism elsewhere!!

      • Wow! Call me nieve, perhaps, but I thought the reference was simply to the old saw that many
        westporters consider themselves exclusive and, therefore, the “chosen ones.” Am I being too generous here to have overlooked a semitic connotation?

        • I’m with you Dan, I didn’t quite understand TM’s reply either? Also, if someone sees something like this why not knock on the window and explain the violation to the woman instead of taking a picture and posting it on a blog and wait for everyone’s $0.2? Seems a bit immature.

  18. David A. Greenberg

    I’m no scholar, but I’m distantly aware of biblical references to Jews as the “chosen people,” thus the concern of a potential reference. As we’ve become more sensitized to in recent years, words can carry meaning and subtext even if the intent was not there.

    • Indeed, David, to both: yes, “chosen people” does refer to Jews biblically and yes, we’ve become too goddamned over sensitized to words’ meanings these days…I was pilloried recently for using the word “niggardly” in describing a stingy friend….the meaning being completely misunderstood, but I will be a long time living down that usage which, BTW, has NOTHING to do with race…won’t use it again, I think.

  19. This is “small potatoes” compared to the other photos of parking that have been posted.

    The dueling range rovers blocking dunkin at two different locations in the same day?

    The best, parking in the middle of Trader Joe’s entrance.

    Another Grim report from Grimm himself. Tsk tsk.

    • Grimms Fairy Tales, perhaps it was Snow White in the car? Rapunzel?

      • I have yet to chime in because I took the picture, but (tough angle) the woman is a passenger.

        It assume it was you driving the car, James. It takes a pretty self-entitled person. You fit the bill.

  20. Jack Chosen Backiel

    If you want my two cents, the “ Chosen People “ are those who are enrolled in Dan Woog’s blog 06880. Therefore, all those who commented are “ chosen.” This is the definitive answer!

  21. LoL! This is funny and cringing at the same time.